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Repairing theft damage-ignition

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rodgonzbea, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hello NR's..
    The bike.. Yamaha SRX250 '85

    I had my bike stolen from work recently (GRRRR!!), but had it found and returned by SAPOL some time after. Among the damage the bastards totally removed the ignition barrel to hotwire it. There are cables everywhere, some of them joined with band aids... anyhow, took it back to my mates w'shop (he is a car mechanic) and put power to the battery terminals, and we got lights, horn indicators, etc, but nothing to the starter. To be honest, with my work I havent had much time (any) to have a good look,
    Although my friend is a very good mechanic, he is honest enough to usually veer out from electrics.. and he admits that is not a bike mech.. hes had bikes in his younger days, but knows that bikes are a different matter altogether... but he's tested the starter and reckons the starter is OK.
    So, i need a another ignition barrel (ignition switch). Local wreckers have priced anything from $60 to $150, but on ebay there are a whole lot of ign switches from about $10, but they say ign switch for atvs, scooters, and some are universal. I thought that as long as the connection plug has the same amount of wires, an ignition switch is an ignition switch... help!!
    Im also planning to get another ignition solenoid, and maybe another starter.. depends. I just need to start the bike and get it running to fully asses what damage was done. They even ripped the helmet lock!! butchered the seat, scratched the hell out of it and cracked the front fairings trying to rip them off..
    bastards. :censored:

  2. i would go the ignition barrel from the wreckers, if you ever go to sell the bike it will be a lot easier....of course the other damage seems pretty severe....another option might be to break up the bike and sell it for parts, cut your loses and get another bike
  3. you need to decide whether its worth fixing the bike or not. but those universal switches tend to be ok. just make sure its one with a key and not just a mirco switch. youll need a wiring diagram before you do anyhitng else but.
  4. Thank you.. its been a pain in the rear.. I also tgought wether its worth it.. but I reckon by now with what Ive spent on it.. is not like Ill sell it or get anything back for it.. I just have a soft spot for it. I just need to get it running so i can check what else the mongrels did to it. Ill just give it a try and post back. thank you