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QLD Repairing RW, importing frames

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Marick, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Just after some information regarding repairing a writeoff, and regulations associated with importing frames.

    When a bike is listed as either a repairable or stat writeoff is it only the VIN associated with the main frame that is listed on the WOVR, or are subframe numbers included as well?

    Are there any specific laws/regs that need to be addressed prior to importing a frame into Australia?

    Im looking for a new project and am considering buying a Ducati Monster 696 listed as a stat writeoff. Ive found a frame for the bike overseas that I would like to import, and have been told (very generally) that attaching a main-frame that is not listed as a writeoff will essentially remove the bike from the WOVR as the new VIN wont be listed.

    Naturally the bike will still require additional work, however it wont have the spectre of being a writeoff hanging over it.

    Would love some more thoughts.

    Just to add to this, Ive also had a brief chat with a mate who is of the impression that there should be no issues with importing a frame. He seems to think that a new VIN can be assigned to it, however Im not sure how that would conflict with the current VIN stamped into the frame, which appears to be of the same format as Aust VINs.