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Repairing GT550 in the ACT

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Wade Wrench, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Crashed the bike some time back and broke the right mirror, indicator, front brake lever, speedometer, tachometer, headlight, fairing above headlight, and cracked a piece of metal above the right foot peg.

    Sent the bike to Joe's Motorcycles in Fyshwick and they want to charge $1000 for replacement parts including labour. The replacement parts cost about $600 and they are charging $400 for labour.

    Their recommendation is simply to scrap it but they will only pay $200 for it, $500 if it's a trade-in.

    So I was wondering if I could possibly do the repairs myself? I don't have any experience with vehicle repairs so am wondering what I'm in for?

  2. I'd start by phoning a bike wrecker, who might have a 550, or who can contact the network of other wreckers, and see how much the parts cost second-hand. Try Cash & C in St Marys (Sydney) (02) 9623 3699.

    As far as doing the work yourself, if you have a 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and a 14mm ring/open end spanner, you can pull apart 99% of all Japanese bikes :LOL:.
  3. A GT550??

    Please don't let her die.
  4. Watch Ebay, particularly the US and British sites.
    Buy parts for 1/3 of local wrecker prices as they appear.
    Fit yourself.
    Joe's is a shonky place, I am not surprised they tried to scam you like that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Yup a Kawasaki GT550.

    Well I could pay Joe's $1000 to fix it but will probably never be able to recoup the cost.

    Furthermore the tank got dented...dunno how it happened. It's still usable though.

    Am looking into the possibility of fixing it myself. Checked ebay uk and found most parts except for tachometer.

    I've also advertised on Allhomes' classified section for someone who's interested in fixing it up to buy it off me.
  6. Any idea what's the equivalent of the GT550 in the US?
  7. "GT550 Indy".
  8. Indy was the Suzuki GT550 two stroke triple (drool).
    Don't recall that the Kawasaki GT550 had a name.
  9. DOH! I just saw GT550 & went Suzuki.........I had a GT380 & a GT750. Didn't even see the Kwaka part of the thread. :shock: :LOL:
  10. That was my thought too when I first saw the subject. Proper GTs are triple 2 bangers to us old guys :)
  11. man joes motor cycles are a joke..they actually had a gt550 out the back last time i was there...worth about 200 bucks they have u guys over a barrel as they are the only wreckers there... my father in law who lives in act has a gt750 and has had to deal with them..total dickheads..
    what exactly are u needing parts wise..a tank could be fixed for prob about 2-300 from a smash repair.. or if u want to buy another gt my in law is up for selling his ..its in top nick..he is just getting too old for such a big bike i think he wants under 2k for it fully rego top nick
  12. I've got a whole '83 GT550 I'll sell to you for $300 if you want it! Of course, you'll have to freight it or store it in Melbourne at a mate's. I did something to it which I know not what! (Suspect a dropped valve. There was no metal in the sump and the the cam chain seemed fine when looking at it through the sump). Some parts are very good, others not. GOOD: The seat was newly covered (blue) when I got it, though it's been sitting outside with only a crappy patched tarp covering it, for a year (a year since I parked it). It's got a braided brake line, good tyres (rear only a few months old at the time). Has a *great* sounding pipe, with four into one headers. Otherwise, BAD: the speedo /tacho was not working, one disk was warped, paint is peeling on the tank and I had to repair a leak. Beyond that a very straight ride, everything good and functioning, and has the other stuff you need (except I'm not sure what you mean regarding the fairing, unless you've an aftermarket one), plus of course all the spares, inlcuding straight forks and frame and etc etc, should you ever drop / bingle and need them! I've got it sitting at a mate's in Burwood. There's plenty of old threads around here by me about it when I was riding it. PM me if interested. I'd be happy to strip the parts you need and post them at your expense.

  13. Agreed, customer service sucks ass.

    A friend of mine ordered a bike and what was meant to take 2 days ended up being about a week and a half, never called to give status updates on when bike would be ready just kept on making empty promises.

    Rating: 1/10