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Repairing Fork Tubes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nich_s, May 29, 2007.

  1. Just in the process of dismantling my cb750 forks for polishing, re-springing, oil etc.

    noticed one of the fork tubes has a small nick in it - it looks like it has been bumped or marked with a tool, not sure...i haven't noticed till now.

    the 'nick' is about 3.5 inchs above the oil seal.

    is this a repairable situation, time for a new fork tube or a don't worry about it and keep an eye on the oil seals for wear?
  2. As far as Im aware it is repairable-but not viable =; or more to the point, at that distance up the fork tube and seeing as your replacing the springs the travel wont be as far, and shouldnt nick the seal making it leak.
    Your fork tubes are hard surfaced. Same as your camshaft and gearbox and numourous other high load bearing bits. That wears off over time,on older bikes or bikes that are mono machines, after a long period of time, you can visually see the discolouration in the metals of the inner and outer fork tubes, in the areas the hard surfacing is wearing thin.
    I forget the hard surfacing compound,nickle chromium or something, google it. Anyways the inner of the fork tude can become impregnated with oil as well, as its been embedded in fork oil for so long but if treated in acid bath, they can etch out any crappola. I have heard of dudes doing it where it could still be resurfaced, and economically it was cheaper than buying one from a wreckers or the bike was that old that all the ones from wreckers will have worn thin as well, in which case your better of buying new from Honda. If yours is an old K model CB750 then thats most likely to be the case. They do it more with the shaft on mono shocks on trailbikes,as they especially cop a pounding coz of the mud and jumping n such :blah:
  3. thanks movin. the feedback is much appreciated. i'm currently getting costs on a few options - replace / repair / etc. as usual it will come down to the $$$.
  4. You can get fork tubes replated, but it will probably be chaper to pick one up second hand.