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Repairing fairing scratches/gauges

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Stig's-sidekick, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Hi all, sorry if this is a repost but I have been searching for a way to repair scratches on my fairing. All the posts I can find deal with cracks which isn't what I need.
    I dropped the bike on a slope and it slid down scratching the heck out of the fairing. I was wondering if it is possible to repair this myself or would I have to find a replacement fairing?
    The bike is in immaculate condition except for these scratches and I am heartbroken at my stupidity.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Sounds like you might be fine with a coat of lightweight filler [look for 'styrene' as an ingredient, usually 180g/litre]. Prep the surrounds with a fine sand and then spray with a degreaser or a dab of metho. Wipe that off quickly with a clean cloth, such as an old towel. Make sure its all wiped off well.

    Now, make up the filler according to directions. Apply with a scraper (or cut up learner plate) so its a little higher than the area around it, not much though. Ensure there are no bubbles or big empty spots that will require subsequent applications. Follow the directions on the back of the can detailing sanding method, and sand back flush to the fairing.

    At this point you can opt to spray the area in a colour that matches the original, respray the whole fairing, or take the panel(s) off and send it to a pro. IMO, I'd say itd be much easier to either respray the whole thing yourself or just take it to a pro.

    Cheers mate - boingk
  3. Thanks Boink. WIll definitely give that a go. Fairings for these things cost a fortune. Just don't have the cash at the mo but can't take it out looking this bad!
  4. No worries, just remember to be meticulous with the filler and follow its instructions. Also try and work with it in a well ventilated area...it can be seriously wicked if you inhale too much of it. Not good.

    Anyway, good luck with it - boingk
  5. is respraying something a beginner with no experience can do?
  6. You have to learn somehow. If you will be ok with possibly having to strip the paint off and do it again then do it. I completely f***ed up the first time I tried a respray years ago and had to strip off the paint. I didn't do it a second time. My old man did because I couldn't be stuffed having to do it again. If I had my time again, I'd have practiced on something else first. Not doing that was my biggest mistake.
  7. no
    It will always look like a home job, If ur spraying the whole bike and its a cheapie go for it. But if its your first time and your trying to match a colour u have zero chance of making it look like a factory finish,
  8. im just doing 1 fairing. what if i used the exact same paint that my manufacturer (kawasaki) uses? according to the ninja250.org site you can buy the exact same paint that kawasaki uses
  9. in short still no.
    U can buy the same colour yes, but unless your prepared to spray 2 pack and have experiance at least doing some sort of spray painting u wont get a factory finish.
    even on the cheap sprayin 2 pack your out about $130 in chemicals
    $40 litre of clear
    10 1 ltre unerversl thinners
    50 paint.
    5 sanpapers.
    miscelanouse tack cloths gun filters cups
    thats if u have a gun and air compressor.
    Not to mention cheapest 2k rated mask is $80-120
    not to mention polishing.

    ur best bet is to get a spray can full of the same colour made up and cover up your cracks.

    read the guide if your still keen.

    cant urge people enough to not do this unless it is something they would enjoy doing, if your not so inclined you will just make a mess.
  10. hmm great thanks for that then! ill just get someone to do it.