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Repairing Cracked Fairings the Tightass Way

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kargo, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. so as some of you probably know I recently dropped my bike and in the process managed to increase the number of cracks (and size of existing cracks) in my fairing. Looks like someone tried to use a bit of araldite to fix previous damage.

    The Damage:

    I've did a bit of research into the different methods of fairing repair including plastic welding with hot air, plastic welding with a soldering iron, abs cement, melting cable ties etc.

    In the end i decided to combine a few different methods i found on the net and do a bit of experimentation. Here's what i did.

    Grabbed my good old dremel tool from the garage and dug out the cracks to create a "u" shaped valley. This will create a greater surface area to work with and allow bonding to occur properly. I also removed the paint from the surrounding areas and all the old araldite.

    I used my soldering iron to tack weld the cracked areas together and added a bit of melted yellow lego in places were i needed extra support. The lugs where reinforced by melting strips of copper into the plastic.

    I used a bit of acetone i had in the garage to melt some more yellow lego bits. just pop the lego into a glass jar, add the acetone and wait for it to melt (a few hours). The lego melts into a liquid plastic paste that can then be poured over the damaged areas. In theory the acetone portion of the lego paste will melt the fairings a bit and ensure proper bonding.


    You can sand the cracked areas after the plastic has dried to get a nice smooth surface. I didn't have time to complete this step, don't think i need to anyway since its on the inside of the fairing.

    Also, I haven't repeated the process on the other side of the fairing as yet.... will require me to repaint it afterwards and i don't think i'll have enough spare time for a while.

    So far the repair seems to have worked. I've been ridding around for a few days and haven't had any problems.
  2. personally id just use fiberglass resin
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    +1. Can build it up in the corners some too.

  4. Fibreglass resin by itself is brittle. Superglue is worse.

    Araldite is good because it retains the ability to expand and contract with the surfaces which is important with plastic, especially with fairings which are actually quite soft.
  5. ...can't believe you melted a piece of Lego...shame on you! But job well done :)
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    Well, I meant resin and the glass...

  7. Resin and glass also don't adhere to many kinds of plastic especially if it is subject to flexing, the glass can just peel right off unless you use a specialist adhesive between your glass layers and the plastic or seriously rough up the plastic using some 40 grit.

    The OP has the right idea, grind a V into the panels for maximum surface area bonding and repair it with molten plastic. Sand and paint if required.
  8. You could go to supercrap or similar, and just buy the tubes of "cold weld", quick and easy and a very strong finish....
  9. Nice Job,

    For cracked fairings I always use 'Q-Bond' available at Repco.

    It's unbelievable stuff for cracked fairings, makes them stronger than new with little work.

  10. let the raiding of kids lego boxes begin :)...........................lego skywalker is now one with the force :p
  11. *Mental note* must make sure to steal some of the kids blue & white lego just in case.

    Love that idea.

  12. If you want to get really creative you can try melting different colours of lego and mixing them together. It will help you get the right shade of colour to match your bike :D

    Looks like i might have found a second hand yellow fairing for my bike anyway. Now i might not have to go through the trouble of deciding how to paint the outside of the fairing once patched up. This was always going to be the hardest part:
    • paint stripes over the fixed areas?
    • paint something more creative...flames or sun rays?
    • use stickers?
    • what colour? (no idea what colour would look good next to mango yellow)

    I'd have to alter the other fairing to match too. Probably would have had to take it to a paint shop to get some ideas. Hum...Hopefully the fairing i found is in good condition. The dude's going to email me some photos later.
  13. Terrible. Just terrible. Destroying Lego fox fix a Hyosung...?

    Couldn't you just sell the Lego to buy new fairings? Much better. You'd probably have some money left over too.
  14. hum....just got the photos of the fairings i was going to get, don't look in the best shape so i've decided to give them a miss.

    Need your suggestions on how i should finish off the outside of the fairing

  15. As a cruiser rider, I say just go chrome.