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Repairing a Write-Off...yet more changes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by FormerUser1, Feb 25, 2006.


    Some may have toyed with the idea of getting a "cheap" bike at the auctions, repairing it and putting it back on the road. Money saved...right?
    WRONG. And things are getting worse (more expensive).

    Until recently:
    a) Buy bike, assess damage yourself.
    b) Collect receipts for ALL and EVERY purchase of parts/materials in regards to the repair (even the flat-black from Bunnings).
    c) Make appointment via VicRoads for a VIV inspection ($300 plus GST)
    (VIV=checking of all repair-items/ materials used in repair and the overall quality of repairs, NOT roadworthiness).
    d) Then the RWC (VIV has to be presented here, as vehicle is on the write-off register)
    e) Then the inspection of vehicle at VicRoads (VIV and RWC needed) and registration.

    Now another item has been added: the SRS (Structural Report summary?)
    It's an engineer's report required BEFORE the VIV booking is made (otherwise the $330bux are blown).
    The changes apply to point a) above... REGARDLESS of any visible/ asseible damage to frame/ forks/ triple-clamps!!!)
    The front-end/ plastics/tank etc have to be stripped, bike transported to Bob Martin (or similar frame/ chassis-specialists), measured in the rig, anything out from specs noted and documented, frame/ triple/forks straightened, new settings (factory settings as a comparo have to be supplied and documented as well) have to be documented.
    Pictures (prints/ NOT a CD or such) of originally damaged bike and during repairs have to be presented as well.
    Bob Martin will then issue the requested SRS-report which has to be presented at the VIV inspection.

    There's NO exception to the procedure, even if any damage only relates to superficial stuff like scratched plastics/ dented tank/ busted instruments and lights (which with todays parts-prices often make a repair uneconomical...despite nothing being substantially wrong with the vehicle).

    If you plan to buy a fixer-upper to ride around again...add yet another $500++ to the expected repair/ re-registration costs.

    It'd be logical to assume that things are the same in other States.
  2. Wow. So I guess you're leaving Gunner's Strom on the heap then?
  3. It'd be logical to assume that price-levels at Fowles/ Pickles etc. will drop by equivalent amounts...insurance premiums will go up then as they'll get less for the write-offs and have to cover that.

    Personally I think it's a good move (in most cases, anyway) and had each bike I repaired at Bobby Martins....stringlines/Verniers/homebuilt measuring rigs out of 2x4 hardwood just aren't the chop when I've got to trust this thing to it's limits.
    After I threw the Peg away on the GOR (when was it??) and repaired it myself (no insurance involved as damage was too small in my eyes), the biggest $$ went to Bobby Martin and the Paint Shop...and the bike didn't even impact, just surfed down the road.
  4. Hmmm. Another vote for 3rd party insurance only (for me anyway) Do what you like then :grin:
  5. It really comes down to the value of the bike...
    And what you're happy with.
    3.party only doesn't cover towing, for instance.
    And that can be a very expensive item if pretzeling the thing near Timbuktu and not being able to do the recovery yourself.
  6. Comprehensive, Third Party Fire Theft, & Third Party Damage only:

    We will -

    * pay the cost of towing your motor vehicle or motorcycle from the scene
    of an incident to the nearest repairer recommended by us, or to a place
    of safety


    * if there is more than one tow, we will decide which one is covered under
    your Policy.

    (Towing is standard feature bro)
  7. Crap... so what happened to the good old days... this will also impact some wrecking buissness as they will have less customers... Is there any one else besides Bob the bucher??
  8. Just checked my QBE 3.party only for the postie, towing OWN vehicle after accident is not included.

    (Who cares with the CT110, shove it in the pocket and walk home) :LOL:
  9. Tightarse Insurer :LOL:

    LOL :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, is that what youre riding ATM?
  10. This smells more like a gum'nt helping out someone than a safety measure. The Gum'nt has just given itself another form of revenue, and increased it's paper chase. Dunno who else benefits tho, except a small number of specialist m/bike frame specialist

    IMHO the insurance companies are just going to put more pressure on repairers to get the bike back on the road, as the write-off option just isn't as viable. If thhey are forced to write off and not get the same return by selling at auction, then I wonder who'll end up paying the difference? wouldn't be recouped in policy premiums would it (insert sarcasm here)

    Seeing a still registered bike doesn't require the same "checks" as it would if written off, then bought and repaired, and it's still essentially the same bike, with same potential defects caused by the incident, how does this actually solve anything?
    Potentially the buyer of a repairable writeoff would have more interest in doing a decent job.

    But then, I'm not being fair.. we all know the insurance companies wouldn't do such a thing, and all the repairers in business would not think of such an underhanded way of keeping insurance business. :shock:

  11. A scary and timely warning, glitch. T'would be a shame to spend a pile of shekels and find that you still had to spend a LOT MORE. Good one.
  12. OI !!!!! It's a ***HONDA***, innit?? !!
    (the only good one, too)
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p