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Repairing a fairing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Noticibly F.A.T, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hey that rhymes :)

    lol. Can it be done? Its a ZZR250.
    Here is a pic. I'm thinking about buying this bike, but want to know how hard it will be to repair. Just some silicon/bog and some paint?

    Also, what would a rear sub frame set me back from a wreckers?

  2. Is the rear frame you are mention the mudguard thing that the number plate and indicators hang off? If so, I got one from a wreckers for $30-$40.

    It already looks like its been painted before. Could be more damage there than meets the eye.

    Its still just a 250 so your buying it to drop it or commute on it. It doesnt need to be shiny for these reasons.
  3. Hmmmm

    I would go and look at it, cept its in Brisbane, and i'm not.... lol
  4. lol repairing a fairing is easy if u know how. PLastic weld + elastic putty + sand + paint
  5. Should be getting it for very very cheap in that cosmetic state - ie. the best type of learner bike - a cheap one :)
  6. If its your first bike and you can handle the looks i'd leave it as is (for a couple of months anyway). That way, if you drop it, its not a big deal. On the other hand its a bit ratty, so if you wanna impress the ladies hmm good luck. As long as its bloody cheap and in reasonable mechanical condition i'd go it for my first bike. Ride the wheels of it without worrying too much about it then upgrade to something you really have your heart on. Or buy it cheap and fix it up, do it yourself and you could prob sell it for more then you bought it for...
  7. Yeah. Its $1000
    Motor is in very good cond. Has done 52,000 in total, but motor was replaced 25,000kms ago due to something to do with the oil drained cause they dropped it, then they rode it with no oil in it....

    So yeah... I reckon its ok. Will need a new front tyre, and a new rear indicator. Thats it for RWC. New spocket and chain in about 5000km's he reckons (he has lots of bike knowledge).

    Said the rear subframe is slightly bent, and you can only tell if you look at it while its up straight, from the rear. Says the left side is slightly lower than the right because of this. Says it doesn't affect handling whatsoever, and it should cost about $120 for a new rear sub frame from a wreckers....



    There we go. Link to the bike. I appreciate your help guys :)
  8. Just noticed something.

    Is that supposed to be like that???

  9. nope, not supposed to be like that.
  10. Yup, not supposed to look like that.