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NSW Repairer not sharing quote?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GugaWedge, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know if the repairer has any legal reason not to share a repair quote they will send to an insurance company on a claim?

    Situation is pretty simple:

    Vehicle had a crash.
    A claim was lodged with the insurance company and it was agreed the bike would be towed to a specific repairer to be assessed and a quote created.
    I asked the repairer for the quote and they refused (they excuse was "in case the insurance company refuses the quote").

    Shouldn't I have access to the quote?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. You would think so...when I had to have a repair done on my car (insurance job) they told me the quote straight away.. don't see why it would be any different for a bike?
  3. If you have put the repair in the hands of your insurer then the quote is their property not yours. It is up to the insurer to negotiate repairs, costs and then make their determination on repair or write off.
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  4. Mine was put in with the insurer but the repairer told me the quote anyway.....suppose it isn't a big issue as you pay the excess and that is all.
  5. Thanks Chris.

    But according to what I managed to find from the legislation I should be able to accept/decline (and dispute) what the insurance company offers (i.e. they say it is ok to repair a part that I believe should be replaced). How will I be able to do this if I do not have access to the result of the inspection done by the repairer?

    As someone else posted from what I recall from my only previous (car) claim a few years ago the repairer was more than happy to give me the list of items that were going to be fixed/replaced.

  6. They actively try and keep you out of the process, prices the repiarer may give an insurer may not be the same as offered directly to you. The insurer is the one that will authorise repairs which is why the quote is directly to them. It sucks I know but other than getting an independent assessment that you pay for yourself I can't see much of a way around it.

    I would say that in Caz's experience the repairer overstepped their authority in supplying the quote directly to her.
  7. It may have changed or is different for other companies, but I seem to remember you paid the excess to the repairer. So if that's the case, you should have a legal right to see what you are paying for, albeit a percentage of the full bill/quote.
  8. If that happened to me, I would tell the insurance company you don't have confidence with the repairer and hence no faith in their ability to repair the bike because they are not upfront with you. If the insurance company say tough, I would wait until next premium renewal and insure through someone else. Then I would ring and cancel the old insurance and tell them why.
  9. The weirdest bit is I actually chose the repairer (well not really a choice since nobody else does the brand in the region...) . Keep in mind that is not the insurance company that does not want to give me the quote (they haven't received it yet), it is the dealer/repairer. Guess I'll remember that for my next bike purchase...
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  10. Blah, Blah, Blah.

    The simple fact of the matter is, you are not paying for repairs even if you have to pay an excess. The repairer tries to negotiate the repair costs with the insurance company, once they settle on a price and method of repairs the insurance company authorises the repairs. Because they authorise and pick up the tab, the owner isn't involved in the costing's.
    If you damaged another vehicle and were paying an excess, would you place the same demands on them...no.

    Some insurance companies don't care if the repairer discloses the amount, some do. So it's far easier just to say no, and tell the owner of the vehicle to take it up with the insurance company. Before someone goes on about legislation, laws it's my property BS. You've agreed to a PDS and I bet my balls there ain't too many people in this thread who have read their PDS before agreeing to it.

    If you want to be a hot shot after the fact, read your PDS before you buy the policy!
  11. Did you have a bad day mate? Angry at something? Go for a ride, it will make you feel better.
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  12. WTH? Why is it stupid people always get confused when they are presented with the facts? Champ, read your PDS, then get back to us.
  13. Discarding the 'tone' which was uncalled for, the majority of cazzo's post is common sense. One however could ask which PDS even comes close to answering your Q? A PDS does not provide an answer to every single Q one may have. Some times you need to pick up the phone and ask for the answer.

    You may refer to the Repairers Code of Conduct for guidance: http://www.abrcode.com.au/index.aspx

    There is no obligation(s) between you and the repairer. The repairers obligation is to the insurer. The insurers obligation is to to clearly explain repairer choice options to you, the consumer, when taking out policies and making claims; to avoid making misleading, inaccurate or unjustified comments about the quality and timeliness of repair of non-preferred repairers; and to clearly explain to consumers their policy provisions relating to the use of parts and to guarantees.

    You have answered your own Q. Ask your insurer to provide you with a copy once it has been received by them.

    "Keep in mind that is not the insurance company that does not want to give me the quote (they haven't received it yet)"

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  14. Thanks Justus. Your response is informative and helpful. Your experience and clear posts are the reason why I still bother using forums to ask questions,

    And you didn't even have to call me part of the "stupid people" or a "champ"... Maybe our "friend" above could learn something from that.

    I may disagree with the way the system works but that is ok. In my opinion the repairer should be able to share the results of the inspections while withholding details of the costs for the insurer. I don't care about the values on the quote (as you say I am not paying for them), just what was found damaged.
  15. I call it as it is kids. No sugar coating from me. I make no apologies if I can't cater to your sensitivity.
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  16. Ok, then you are an asshole. Better? Idiot...
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  17. Mod Direction

    Alright guys, that's enough tit for tat name calling, move on.
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