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repairable writeoff question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by daedalus, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. repairable writeoff question (HELP I HAVE CALLED THE RTA)

    my bike was crashed, seems to be cosmetic damage. insurance company paid me off, but said they will class it as a repairable writeoff.

    damage which i will repair/replace:
    cracked fairings, cracked windscreen, broken brake and clutch levers,

    damage which i think i can leave:
    Scratched handle bars, dented tank (no leaks), dented exhaust, scratched foot pegs

    What I want:
    To get my bike roadworthy with as little cost as possible, i dont really care about cosmetic issues.

    I have called the RTA and various mechanics, so i am aware of the process, as documented here: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/otherinformation/written-off_vehicles.html

    Some questions though, neither the RTA/mechanic/insurance company seem to know/provide satisfactory answers.

    1. Do I have the right to refuse permission for the insurance company to class my bike as a repairable writeoff? For example, if the driver at fault paid me directly (private settlement), then my bike would not be classed as a repairable writeoff. this would save me ALOT of hassle.

    2. would ALL written off vehicles be subject to an inspection by the Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU)? This costs $400! In the above site it says:

    "In areas where the Vehicle Identification Inspection Unit (VIIU) operates, repairable written-off vehicles less than 10 years old are inspected by RTA Vehicle Identification Inspectors to confirm their identity"

    Is that true? Reason i ask is that if its true (the RTA wont say) i will just wait a couple of months for my bike to be >10years old

    3. Anyone know a very lenient mechanic around the Sydney area in terms of blue slips (inspection report)?


  2. yes ur bike will be subject to a viv. no way around it but the wait the couple of mopnths.

    It's true if u settled it with the other driver there would be no write of record.

    U may be able to negotiate with u insurance about the write of status, maybe they would settle for a lower payout + no write off.
  3. Leniency and road worthiness don't go together.
  4. will try to negotiate. but i wonder why would the insurance company care? its not like it affects them financially
  5. The insurance company paid you out and would have notified the RTA of the status of your bike. The deed is done. You'll have to follow the process to get your bike back on the road.
  6. plus you can pay $15 to RTA these days to see if a bike has ever been in an accident/repairable write off etc.......
  7. You can also do it for free.

    Why would you like to have it changed? to rip an unsuspecting buyer off?
  8. so i dont have to pay $400 for the RTA to check that its not stolen (even though the previous owner and the "new" owner will be the same person - me) and so i can get my bike bak on the road in time for a trip
  9. not yet, i havnt received the money yet
  10. I understand that, and feel for you. But at the end of the day, it has been written off, and the rules are the rules.
  11. It's also about stolen parts: making sure you didn't pop over to Dave's place while he was out & knock off his fuel tank.

    From memory, here in Vic you need a receipt of some description for every part.
  12. ok im in the process of getting a blueslip. my mechanic says he can guarantee a blueslip if i do my repairs through him. his price was reasonable so im just doing that to save me the hassle or arguing with a blueslip guy

    however, he says he cant guarantee it passes the vehicle inspection stage. is this an issue? what would cause a bike to pass blue slip but fail vehicle inspection (apart from stolen parts obviously)
  13. no receipts for parts.

    viv is a identity check not a roadworthy check.
  14. i got a receipt for my parts. but what i dont understand is (and the RTA isnt giving me a satisfactory answer) how does the RTA know which parts were damaged and needed repair?

    eg if my blueslip guy says i need to fix part A, B, C ,D but i only have a receipt for part A, B ,C how would the RTA know that part D was replaced too but without a receipt?
  15. bump, can someone please help me with this?
  16. Then wtf are you paying him to do repairs for if he can't guarantee it'll pass? That'd be like if I designed/built a structure then said I can't guarantee it'll stand up to everyday loading.

    The $400 fee is bs in my opinion if you're by definition the old and new owner with no other owner in between. Now I see why you're trying to 'dodge' it.

    Good luck with getting it all sorted for a reasonable cost and in a reasonable amount of time.
  17. just did a viv (viiu?) and while the guy did ask for all the receipts for new parts, he didn't seem to notice when some were missing.
  18. i understand my mechanic not being able to guarantee the vehicle inspection as its out of his control. he can only guarantee the blueslip because its within his control

    yea its pretty bs, i guess ill just have to pay it and hope i dont get an anal person