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Repairable Write-Offs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering if any of you have ever bought a bike that has been listed as a 'Repairable Write Off' at auction places like Fowles (http://www.fowles.com.au) or Pickles (http://www.pickles.com.au).

    I'm just interested in the type of damage that would cause a bike to be written-off as some of the bikes look fairly unscathed in the photos, so I'm after advice as to what could cause a bike to be written-off without looking like it's fallen off a cliff.

    Also if anyone has any idea what kind of prices the bikes go for that would be great as well.

    Just looking at more potential ways to get that elusive first bike (I thought I had one lined yesterday...it was sold 1 hour before the guy at MIS could inspect it nooooo! I could have taken a chance and gone with my own (novice) evaluation, 2000 Bandit with 19,000Kms for $3000....thats not going to come up again :( )
  2. Haggismaen,
    I work in Autologisitics...we see a bit of this type of freight...
    Basically I think its a reflection of the cost of Oem parts &
    the labour involved for certain jobs on certain models...
    ...and the risk assessment by the insurer for 'after repair
    claims'....I think wreckers mostly get them...
    ..'love to do this as a project sometime...but,the problem
    is...finding the time...
    Take your time,study the market...paying a little more could
    mean you get a cheap fix & an overall cheaper bike.Goodluck.
  3. I have seen some bikes get wreaten off coz of a scratch (some BMW 1100)... it got sold at the auction for MORE than it was selling new in the shop...

    Do your reasearch... get realy friendly with a fiew back yard mechs and good luck...
  4. My monster is a rep-write off.

    Short story, don't do it to save money. You won't. Especially for your first one.

    Do it if you want a project bike as a hobby.

    It's a huge gamble as to if you're going be over and under what the bike is worth fixed up.
  5. kaer, are you sure that you wont save money buying it from the auctions??? i've heard about dudes saving like half of what the bike would be worth in the market..
  6. a) The guys who do it every week will notice you. They will raise the price of the vehicle enough to stop you coming back.

    b) It's a gamble. You will either end up ahead or behind. In most cases behind. If you go into it thinking of it as a project, that's the attitude to have. If you save money that's an added bonus.

    I didn't notice the front brake discs on the monster were warped till I took them off the bike. That was an extra $987.

    Overall I ended up about a grand in front after selling the damaged parts off on ebay. But I've still got a dent on the tank to fix :)
  7. kaer,

    thanks for that, i'll go check one out and decide.

    but i was kinding of doing it as a project, go at it slow when i got abit of time..

    also how easy is it to find parts ect? for the jap bikes mostly.
  8. Depends on the jap bikes, but it's a matter of calling around the wreckers. For the parts I've needed over time for the Spada, pretty damn easy.

    For the monster, which was last year's model at the time, pain in the ass.

    There was one part I needed, a headlight bracket, that was specific to the year of the bike, meaning I had to order it in from the importers. Took 3 months to get.

    There's a lot of running around as well to do. I.e. frame testing, wheel straightening, etc

    If I valued my time at $10 an hour, I'm probably around dead even :) But as I said it was a fun project.
  9. That sounds cool Kaer. How did you find a project bike? From a wreckers? Was it advertised as a project or as a repairable write off?
  10. Go to fowles auctions and check out the rep write offs.


    The wreckers get a lot of the bikes they sell from there :)

    Again, I'll emphasize. Don't go into it thinking you'll make money. Go into it expecting to lose money, and you're just paying for your hobby, and you'll be okay.

    It's a huge gamble. You can't start up the bike at the auction, you can't really pull everything apart to check exactly what's damage, and you can only guestimate at the cost to fix.

    Plus there are blokes who do this every day, who will have you beat and who will raise the price just to make it cost more to you, so you don't come back :)

    There is a post I've done on here somewhere which I listed the prices the rep write offs go for.
  11. who decides if it is a "repairable" write-off?
  12. The assessor.

    Basically frame damage means it's a stat write-off and unable to be re-registered.

    Anything else it's a rep write-off.

    And yes occasionaly the assesor gets it wrong. Both ways. (Sometimes a car assessor is doing bikes)
  13. sure. that sounds about right. i guess thats part of the risk you take on when you look at something like this.

    its got me thinking about another bike for the farm. there are a couple at todays fowlers auction in perth that would be good, i might go along a see what price they go for. the good thing is that for what i'm after it wouldnt need to be registerable so i can save a bit there.
  14. What about encumberance, do you check that before purchasing any bike that you buy, even though is a repairable write off?
  15. I did do a REVS check, but after purchase.

    You really don't have the time for all that. You get there on the day about an hour before it goes to auction, not really all the time in the world for everything.

    It is being sold on behalf of the insurance companies, so I assumed it was all legit (which it all turned out to be).
  16. My latest project is turning sour... I'm up for $500 extra coz the foot peg brackets are specific to that year/model and NO one has any in OZ!!

    Do your reaserch very very cearefully... the cheapest bike might not be the best!!
  17. Man, that sucks lordtb. But surely no one would know about Aussie footpeg supply for a given model of motorbike. Are you doing this to make money or as a hobby? Is it best to become familiar with a bike range from a manufacturer (eg CB's)?
  18. Become VERY VERY familiar with a bike/model of bike... one with a long run I think is the best... Like the CBR600's, ZX6, VFR800.... that way you can wreck some just for parts...

    This peticular bike I'm working on is mine and mine alone (though I might let my wife ride it)... it will be as custom as it posibly be without taking wheels off or adding any thing redicules... I don't quite like the shape of the original farings and fiew other bits... so it is getting a full make over... But as for buisness... I do Know a number of people who do it to make money or as a hobby... I my self run a small motorcycle workshop which makes just enough to finance my custom bikes...
  19. So no chance of interstate wreckers having brackets?
    PM me if you want me to check around in SA.
    I can keep a secret :wink:
  20. what is the procedure after getting an rep-writeoff?? say its only the right fairing and i get that fixed and the back light, now what do i do?? does it get expensive trying to get it re-registered again??