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NSW Repairable Write-offs?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Snowman, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Apparently repairable write-offs cant be re-registered in NSW anymore, and me and a friend want to go halves in a dropped or slightly crash damaged 600 or 1000cc bike that we can fix up as a bit of a rat/naked run-around and something to play with at the track. So was wondering can we get a RW from interstate and get it registered there and then just ride it around in NSW (friends dad is from TAS so could register in his name) or can we register it in TAS and then just change the reg to NSW?


  2. Once you legally register a RW interstate you can transfer rego to NSW no worries. Personally I would not ride it around for too long on interstate rego as they do have rules about that.
  3. I've heard that the ruling hasn't been implemented in NSW yet, and that when it is there will be 6 months grace for people who have one to get it regod. Don't take my mates word for it though!
  4. I'd call your version of Vicroads and find out the details. Its good fun fixing up a write off but talk talk to someone whos done it before you do, otherwise you'll end up spending too much money like me!
  5. All WO's are now Stat WO's in NSW after 31 Jan 2011, We only have until 30 July 2011 to register our previous RW's. I have decided not to rego my one for a couple of reasons.

    The way I read the regs, I will be able to apply to register it again after 2013. I assume because old vehicles are less likely to be re-birthed. From RTA.

    From 31 January 2013, these vehicles are eligible for re-registration. However, you will need to apply to the RTA for Authorisation to Repair, have repairs certified by a NSW Fair Trading licensed repairer and the vehicle must pass two inspections.

  6. As for your first query, from RTA:

    If the repairable write-off is recorded on the interstate Written-off Vehicle Register (WOVR) before 31 January 2011, the vehicle can be repaired and registered if it meets standard RTA registration requirements.
    If the vehicle is recorded as repairable on the interstate WOVR after 31 January 2011, it must be repaired and registered in another state or territory before applying for registration in NSW.

  7. cool, thanks for that. now i just need to find somewhere to buy one from :p
  8. Of course, if you hunt out something that was crashed uninsured, you have a fighting chance of getting a bike that never reached the WOVR. As a bonus, the owner will probably be desperate to realise some cash on the wreck so they'll take silly offers.

    Try hanging around outside your local track days :D.