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Repairable write off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, 1 month after my accident and being told that my nsr was a write off i am gettin close to finishing it. I called Service Tas today and they told me that i had to get it structual tested, body check and RWC then go to Service Tas and get my VIN and stuff checked...sound ok till now? Ok i have found the right shops, now the prob is how do i get the bike there?One of my mates told me that being a repairable write off i am allowed to ride it to the shop it will be fixed at or to get RWC...is this right? Hope you can help me. Thanks

  2. I know here in Vic you can get a temporary permit as long as the bike is safe to ride. It's probably similar there. Ring the RTA and find out. If not just trailer it.
  3. You can get permission to ride a non registered bike to a place of inspection for the purposes of getting it registered. However, an exception exists if it has been wrecked or is a repairable or statutory write-off
    Check out the website

    So it isn't a Statutory write off. In any case, it does not look like you can ride it legally. Can't you get a trailer? Just borrow or hire one for a day.
    You can even hire a flat tray ute for a day for a bit more if you don't have a tow capable car.
    What area of Launceston are you in, and where do you have to get it to?
  4. Thanks alot for your replies guys, much appreciated :) I have looked all over the service tas site and the only thing that confuses me is this:
    I have to get it from riverside to invermay. It will prob take more than one day too as i have to get the structure checked and then get RWC and thats at two different places :? $80 to get it towed each way is just too much... So what do you reckon about my quote from the service tas site? It does sound like i am able to ride it if its a repairable write off and i am on my way to get in inspected... Thanks,
  5. That is strange, as it contradicts the part in the link to unregistered vehicle permits I provided. Where abouts does it have that bit you quoted? OK, found it under the written off vehicle Q&A.

    I'd ring them up and see if you can do it. Chances of you being pulled over by cops? Minimal, but is it worth the risk?
    If you can do it, you have to pay an MAIB cover fee for the day or days you will be riding it. Total cost is $46.65, almost a quarter of your towing costs. What are all the inspection fees adding up to?
    Are you all booked it for them yet or are you waiting on finding out if you can ride it?
  6. Hey guys, sorry for the late reply but i was busy fixing my bike over the last two weeks. So i rode to the structual test and was told straight away that the frame was dented :cry: So now i have three options, get a new one, get it fixed or sell the bike pulled apart. Does anybody know if your rego gets cancelled straight away if its a write off or if there is a time limit in which you have to get it re-registered...? Thanks, Stef
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