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VIC Repairable Write-Off

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by supernatural_18, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Hey,
    I know this was covered a while ago.. just wanted to get an updated version because i think it has been changed recently.

    Fixing up a repairable write off in VIC.
    What needs to be done to rego it?

    1) VIV
    2) RWC
    3) Vicroads rego paperwork?

    Anything else?
  2. got it in one, you ring for VIV inspection, sometimes can take a while for them to ring you back, when you go for VIV take ALL the receipts you have, think around $400 for certificate, good luck most people I deal with say "if I had known what I know now, maybe wouldn't have done it", but if you have done your homework can get a bargin, Cheers :)
  3. Great thanks for that. I heard some people say you need an engineers certificate to state the frame is straight, even if it wasnt damaged...

    One other thing, do they care in the VIV if items aren't roadworthy. What i mean is for example Pazzo levers, braided brake lines.. shorty exhaust? Or do i need to hunt around and borrow some stock parts to throw back on it? I have all the receipts to prove i haven't stolen them, its just that they technically are for "racing only"

  4. Good question, they'll possibly overlook minor things - like braided brake lines - but you pays your money and you takes your chance.

    Best to have it as standard as possible. Get an RWC before you go in and take it with you. That may help.
  5. A VIV report is currently $470 in Victoria. If it fails the VIV check (and it can be as simple as not having a receipt for one part) you need to book it in again and pay another $470. So make sure you have all the required documentation.

    Probably best to check with Vicroads to see what damage they have listed for the bike as this is what will be checked for the VIV. For example if it lists front forks as damaged you must have a receipt for the repair or replacement of front forks. At this stage if you use parts from ebay you will not have a valid receipt unless the ebayer is a business. Every receipt must have a abn number on it. I know they are looking to change this but I dont think they have yet.

    NSW is around $70 I believe for the same thing.

    As far as I know they do not check items for road worthiness during a VIV but I would double check this with Vicroads. They will obviously check these items during the RWC stage though.
  7. Also be prepared for Transfer Fee to be based on Red Book, regardless of what you paid for it & subsequently spent on repairs!

    This apparently is VicRoads latest scam to lighten your wallet!

    Happened just recently to a friend of mine! Was he p1ssed off? You bet!
  8. What does "VIV" mean?

    As an aside it'd be nice if people avoided what could be obscure "acronyms" as not everyone who may read the articles may be familiar with them.
  9. Braided brake lines aren't road worthy? :shock: My bike came with braided brake lines! :roll:

    Hmm, perhaps I should have searched before posting this. No doubt there are 2354 threads on the subject. :grin:
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    Some aren't, it's all got to do with the banjo attachment on the ends, some are 'race only'.

    Pretty sure these guys are set up for it now. Can also supply a certificate.

    They are based in Tullamarine but i can't remember the name of the business. :oops: Embarrassing too, because Troy dropped everything to help me out one time.
    The dood is top shelf and posts here from time to time - ylwgtr but i haven't seen him for awhile.
  11. Vehicle Identity Validation. supposed to stop rebirthing! That's why receipts for everything are a must!
  12. and why does this VIV cost $470 in Vic, and $70 in NSW?
    thanks, Sh!troads :?
  13. Haha, I had that arguement a month ago when i bought a car from the auctions, not registered.
    She said, how much did you pay for it,
    I told her,
    she said is that market value, because we need to charge according to market value,
    I said, well, I bought it in the used car market, so what I paid IS market value isn't it,
    she said, not necessarily..... :?
    I said, well if that's what i can buy this car for then that is what market value is.

    She got confused at this point and charged the fee on the amount I paid. :LOL: :roll:
  14. i just bought a saab at auction. Got it for 14k less than a dealer was willing to give me for it unregistered. VR fee was based of what the INVOICE was for the purchase, not what the redbook says. To the best of my knowledge, it is to the invoiced amount(had it to the invoiced amount 4 occasions now).

    With a repair/writeoff I am guessing that the purchase amount is not for a roadworthy/road ready vehicle, and that may be where the distinction is.

    But I also fail to see why it should matter... impo it should be purchased amount, as that is reflective of the market value of the item when you bought it. Imagine if you rebuilt yourself a 56 mustang, they'd be happy to see you then.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm a noob (obivoulsy), but I'm interested to get some info/advice on a current situation of mine.
    I just bought a GPX250 98' with 46000ks on the colck, after looking at a few others.
    I rang vicroads before I even set sight on the bike and they said it wasn't stolen, didn't have bad finance, and it hadn't been reported as a write-off. I'm like right, thats good.
    The bike looked good, idled nicely, had no untowards sounds/rattles (I'm no mechanic, lol), and I test rode it for 10-15 minutes with no issues. It felt good so I negioted a lower price (got him down to $2800 from $2990), and ensured that it would come with RWC, and 6 months rego.

    I've had the bike for a week, and when I take the paperwork to vicroads, to transfer ownership (and pay some stamp duty!) they then preceed to tell me it has previously been reported as a Repairable Write-off back in 2002. I get angry with Mr Vicroads at this point, and refuse to transfer the ownership over to myself.
    I'm pretty happy with the bike, but its the price I paid for it! I would have never offered that much if I had known it had been written-off at some point!
    It was re-regested in 2004 with a VIV, and I pretty sure it wasn't the guy i bought it off that did that.
    I'm planning on riging up vicroads again tommorow and asking some more questions (rather loadly!) and see what they say to me.
    Does anyone what options, if any, I have? I've done the right things, and vicroads have screwed me over, not so-much the bloke I bought it off.
    Cheers guys.
  16. Well, as you say, I don't think you have any comeback on the seller. They may not even have known it was a repaired write-off.

    Did you buy a Vehicle Information Package (VIP) from Vicroads, or just get a verbal over the phone? A verbal wouldn't be worth the paper it was written on. But the Vicroads accepts no responsibility for any of the data on a Vehicle Information Package (VIP) anyway. https://www1.roads.vic.gov.au/servl...i.VIPPublicTxnMgr?cmd=VIPSingleCertRequestCmd

    All you will achieve by yelling at someone is to get your blood pressure up. You probably wont even feel much better.

    Sorry about that.
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    Righto, thanks Roderick, like I said I'm pretty happy with bike, and it has been on the road for 4 years since being repaired so hopefully there are no problems.

    And yes it was just verbal information I recieved over the phone, though I can still hear it ringing in my ears about the bike never being written-off. Oh well, live and learn. :roll:
  18. Yep, life teaches us that if we don't want to get caught out, we should be thorough, cautious, persistent, get everything in writing, and read the fine print. :grin:
  19. M.C.R - Motorcycle Crash Repairs they are in Tullamarine. Troy said he could certify the bike but just wanted to know whether it was needed.

    No one else knows?

    I have braided lines, pazzo levers on the bike at the moment, perhaps i should change them back to stocks.. I have receipts for them, and the people doing the VIV arent exactly doing a RWC?

    So confusing, ill give VicRoads a call... wait on hold for an hour and maybe try and make sense of some cr*p they tell me.
  20. While technically true, there's a bit more to this as i just went through it recently.
    I actually bought a car for far less than it's 'market value', and declared as such at the transfer.
    The fella there, (and he was a nice fella) told me to put down the smallest redbook figure i could get away with, which was a fair bit more than what i paid.
    We had the discussion about what 'market value' means, and he said it had nothing to do with what i paid, and everything to do with what the market experts set the value of the vehicle to be, ala redbook.

    When i asked him what would happen if i did not want to put down the stoopid redbook figure, but wanted to use the figure of what i rightfully got as a bargain what would happen? He told me while he would be forced to accept my figure, i could open myself up to being investigated by some watchdog (the name escapes me - sorry) and i could be fined for ripping them off their stamp duty.
    He said the fines will be more than the stampduty.
    So while you 'can' declare whatever you like, they 'can' run a flagpole up ya bum and hang you out.