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Repairable write-off....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Macca1983, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hey all. As some of you may or may not know, I laid out my Suzuki Across a feww weeks back, nothing major but have been advised by my local shop that they have put a quote in to my insurer and it may be a write-off. A mate of a mate of mine also has an Across (funny enough same year and colour) that he was thinking of selling soon hence me thinking hell I may just buy that one if mine is written-off. just a pity I had new tyres and battery put on/in
    One of the boys at work mentioned the term "repairable write off" and suggested i buy the "wreck" back from the insurer.
    Has anyone had any experience with this?? I'm in NSW with NRMA

    As always Cheers!!

  2. Sorry , but here in NSW as of Jan 2012

    From http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/written_off_vehicles/written-off_vehicles_reforms.html

  3. yeah I was hoping I may be able to use the "wreck" as parts to make sure the new one stays schmick. Was just a little confused as to if it is do-able or not
  4. (from vic)

    repaireable writeoff mrans it costs more to fix then to buy another one.............

    noticed the number of repaired writeoffs in the last few years is low..... but plenty of track bikes.
    its because its now very difficult to make any cash off it (only bikes ive heard of bieng fixed are custom harleys, or vintage bikes... stuff you cant just go get another of). one of the guys i work with used to do it on the side (parts at cost price). but he stopped as he just couldnt make any cash from it, his personal bike atm is a recovered stolen bike, with half of it replaced.

    and with the laws atm saying it has to be as it was before the crash, you can no longer do it by using non-genuine parts. especially ebay plastics.

    imo, depending on the cost of the wreck it may be worth it for a parts bike... but unlike a cbr or kwaka it wouldnt make a great track bike.
    (though i wonder how a stripped down across would go)
  5. I have the bike insured for 4k the repair quote is just shy of 3k and my mate's bike is currently unregistered but will sell to me for 1400. Hoping to buy the wreck and take off its aftermarket exhaust and its new tyres (less than 500ks) and any other bits i.e. undamaged fairings to put on the "new" one.

    A couple of people have mentioned the idea of a "naked" Across, could **** around with the other one and learn a bit more about the bike by striping it down and rebuilding
  6. You can certainly make an offer to the insurer to purchase the "wreck", but don't expect that they'll let you register it.
  7. Such a ridiculously stupid over-governed situation. If it's structurally sound and roadworthy, why should you not be allowed to use it?

    God damned nanny state retardation.
  8. Had my good old Kwaka Z750 written off 4 weeks ago. Was structurally in tip top state. The problem was a tiny dent in the tank and a sratch on the muffler. That alone would have cost $4,500 in parts only.
    You could have fixed the bike for about $500, buffing the muffler and putting a nice sticker over the dent in the tank (or just keep it like it).
    Shame to see it go.