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repairable write-off

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I would like to ask you guys for a bit of advice: I saw an ad for a car that looks pretty good, but was damaged and fixed - it is currently registered but the seller also says it's status in NSW is 'repairable write-off'.

    My question to you knowledgeable people is what does that mean in terms of legality and any possible snags along the way. I'm thinking of snags of legal, not mechanical nature - obviously, there's no point diagnosing mechanical problems sight unseen. But what does it mean in terms of registering/insuring the car? Is it legal to drive in its current state as 'repairable write off'? Will it need a different inspection at rego time? That sort of thing...

  2. first thing you should do is to get the vehicle's VIN and run it through REVS :wink:.
  3. Absolutely, but that's equally true for any vehicle sale... thanks for your input anyway :)
  4. i thought write off pretty much means the car is f*ct. for example alot of time the chassis is bent out of shape or has become too weak because of a lara bingle. not exactly sure but it sounds like its somebody else's problem and they trying to pass it on
  5. Nup....

    Repairable write off means it was not economically viable for the insurer to repair the vehicle, and they chose to replace/pay out for, it instead.

    Statuatory write off usually means more serious damage (but not always).
  6. Nothing wrong with a vehicle which is a repairable write off. I have one myself :grin: . Just make sure the car has been repaired properly AND you pay a bit less than market value, due to the stigma attached with buying a car with a history of an accident. Usually it is not worth the insurance repairing the car due to the exuberant repair quotes given by panel beaters.
  7. I thought repairable writeoff would mean that while it's repairable, it's cheaper to scrap it and buy a new one than it is to repair it, no?
  8. Its what Triway said...

    I had a car that was a repairable write off, it had been smashed into the back. The insurance wrote it off because for them to repair it with a lifetime garuntee and make it 'as new' it would need a new rear beaver (the metal panel behind the lights) a new boot floor (where the spare tyre goes) new bumper + lights + remove and replace + paint = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    The car was bought by me and fixed privately for around $1000, new fiberglass bumper was $300, lights were 2nd hand from a forum, the panel beater pushed the beaver out which also pulled the boot floor straighter and that only cost a few hours labour..there was still a little crease in the beaver and the tow hook was a bit bent on the bottom of the spare tyre well, all that was covered by the bumper. The bumper was painted and that was it.

    So the repair might be a little rough, the parts used are probably second hand.
  9. Trade in price thru a dealer will be about half otherwise.
    A dealer must disclose on the L form in the window that the car has been a repairable writeoff - hence you are unlikely to ever see one of these on a commercial yard.
    Any prospective buyer will think twice about buying the car.

    Doesnt mean tha c ar has not been repaired to a safe and acceptable standard - but beware the resale value.