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Repairable Write-off Sale Issue

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Shori, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have a rather weird post to make.

    I have a Triumph Street Triple R that I bought of a friend which was repairable write-off. He bought it off his insurance Co. and had it fixed for hardly any cost. The only damage was - the front headlights were broken and he installed a racing bracket (pls refer to the image).
    Everything was absolutely fine - no damage to the engine or scratches. Just the front and that too the part as mentioned. I got the bike at 1500kms and have had it for 2yrs and done now 17000kms. Without any issues. It has never let me down. It came with arrow slip on exhausts and some other goodies.

    I got it knowing it was repairable write-off, as the bike had no issues in my opinion. It sounded good and functioned absolutely fine. I'm now wanting to sell it, as I want to upgrade to a 1000cc bike. The problem I'm facing is that because it's a repairable write-off, no one wants to even see it. I can understand that, but the write-off tag doesn't justify the condition of this bike. I have had it for 16000kms without any issues.

    I was wondering if I should state in the selling ad that its a repairable write-off? I ask this because if I state this, no one will even want to see it. I just want the people to have an opportunity to at least come and have a look and ride it. Someone might see the bike for what it is.I don't want to be a cheat and not tell them the truth. I'll mention this when they inspect the bike. Also, its all out there when one does a Rev Check. Am I doing the wrong thing in the sale ad?

    Or can anyone suggest what will be the best way to sell it???

    Any help will be greatly appreciate and sorry about the long post. Didn't know how else to explain the situation.



  2. should of been in the ad mate, id feel cheated rocking up and u telling me at your place it was a write off

    Put it in the ad stating it was a repairable write off before the new laws came in effect and the damage was minimal, if u have photos of it when it was damaged, even better
  3. Thanks for that Goz....I just hope someone gives the bike a chance.
  4. I don't get how damaged headlights made it a write-off.
  5. youd be surprised what they write off these days
  6. Be upfront - someone will see the value in the bike.

    If I bought the bike and found out later I'd be pissed - however if I'd known up front and had the opportunity to negotiate an appropriate price I'd be happy as the proverbial pig in shit.....

    With this one - honesty is the best policy - no contest.
  7. I had the same problem. I didn't advertise it as written off and explained it to the guys who came and had a look.

    It does make it real hard to sell. You'll have to under value it by a couple of grand to move it, someone will find the value in it but it really does scare people off.

    Don't do what I did, be honest and upfront and price the bike to match - it's the only stress free way of going about it.

    Best of luck with the sale!
  8. Legally you have to disclose that the bikes is on WOVR. I'd mention it in the ad and put before and after photos up, that may help tell the story.
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  9. Thanks guys....I have no intention of cheating anyone. Most people nowadays anyhow ask for the VIN No. before they see the bike.

    I'll ask my friend if he has any pics...That will definitely help I guess.

    Btw it wasn't just the headlights, as I had mentioned (pls see pic above) he had to put a racing bracket on also to repair. I just don't know what that broken part is called.

    Thanks again everyone. Much appreciated.
  10. Maybe its the oil patch that is scaring them off?
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  11. I assume you paid less to your mate according to its written-off status? If so then I can't see you losing money unless you want to up-price it.... And why would you unless he charged you a normal non-written-off price (ie higher), in which case it's lesson learned that when you buy such an item, if you pay the higher price, then expect to get stung when time comes to sell.
  12. I'd look at a bike that was a repairable write off if the price was right (cheaper than bikes of the same model in similar condition that weren't repairable write offs) but only if the seller was up front about it.

    If I turned up and then the seller told me about it only after I turned up I'd turn around and walk away no matter what the bike was like (and I'd be pissed off).

    I'd probably be ok with it not being in the advert as long as I was told about it over the phone (or by email) before I inspected the bike though, there's a big difference between the time it takes for a quick phone call and the time it takes to drive to the other side of Melbourne and look at a bike.
  13. After reading the opinions I have decided to not mention this on the ad, but try and explain to them before they come to see it in the email or via phone about it. I have decided to do so on the grounds that I don't want people to be discouraged by just reading the ad and not even make an inquiry.

    I do intend to sell it cheaper then the other similar bikes out there...
  14. If it was me, I wouldn't say anything in the ad... I'd wait until they take it for a test ride.. Then tell them.

    Otherwise no one will come and look at it, and those that do will try and low ball the shit out of you.

    But with that history on its revs, And what you paid for it.... I would price it accordingly
  15. Total honestly and disclosure in your add, and they will come.

    I only in the last week sold my VTR1000 which was a repairable write off ( like yours was only cosmetic from the previous owner )
    Sold in less than a week !

    I put in the add that a REVS check will show as a repairable write off, then explained the damage, and added about 12 photos.

    I was realistic with my pricing and got a little more than I expected =D>
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  16. Just be very specific about the damage and repairs in the first place.If the bike was all good and I was interested you would still lose the sale to me on the basis that the repairs had not been disclosed up front.
  17. Do people really roll up to look at a bike without first doing a rego check online that takes about 45sec?

    Its your duty as a buyer to check if its encumbered, currently regoed or previously written off. Caveat Emptor. No one has any right to be pissed off at you...however...it will be hard to sell without being honest.

    You cant trade it in either, car yards arent allowed to sell them...unless maybe they wholesaled it?
  18. No I would be pissed if you are hiding that from me and I have to find out on revs, what else are you hiding?

    I would be upfront. Maybe not in the ad but on the phone at least.
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  19. Found your ad. This is just theoretical but bottom line, even hearing your side of it here, I'd still want a bigger discount for potential future problems. Harsh, but that's the way I saw it.
    And put the facts in the ad. Gives them time to absorb the facts properly before dismissing it, and shows honesty.
  20. when it comes to buying a vehicle people look for honest ads, and lots of pictures.. and details.

    i personally don't bother reading ads with no information, 1 front on picture.. and lots of spelling errors, or if the ad is in CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS OMG BUY MY BIKE.

    If i were to see an ad, and the bike looked good and the price was decent... and i turned up to the blokes house and he said it was a write off or what have you, i would just walk away, regardless if its in good condition.

    if you're not honest to your potential buyers they will not be happy, id rather hear "it was written off due to a broken headlight and busted brake" than the bike has never been dropped and its perfect.. to only turn up and be told then.

    honesty is the best policy mate, clear and precise with lots of pictures :)
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