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Repairable Write Off - Qld

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Just did a REVS / PPRS check on a bike that I am looking at on the weekend. Am glad that I did. It came up as a Repairable Write Off, with the decsription of Collision. This was when the bike was only 18 months old, according to the dates on the certificate.

    So to me, it would have been a decent hit right? The seller, (private) didn't know about it, and claims to have bought it from a dealer 12 months ago.

    Gut feel says "walk away"..... as this smells like trouble. I think that I may have issues insuring the bike, and defeinetly issues when I go to sell the bike.

    Anybody had any experiences in buying or selling a repairable write off in Qld? Am now looking at the exact same bike from a dealer, for only $500 to $600 more.
  2. Walk away. Repairable write off is more of a headache then its worth. Like you said insurance companies may knock you back and the resale value will be horrid.
  3. That is what I'm thinking.....
  4. Don't walk away, run.
  5. Have put a deposit down on a bike from a dealer, for pretty much the same bike for only a few hundred more. Hopefully get it next week
  6. did you do a revs check on the bike from the dealer? if not, why not? If that seller said he bought his from a dealer not knowing, whats to stop your dealer selling you one?
    just a headsup thats all.
    With rep writeoffs, pics of damage must be presented to prove the initial damage has been repaired, VIV cert gives safety tick [well thats whats supposed to do] insurance side, some wont touch, others to the value of 50%!! Resale, well yep not much chop, BUT if you buy cheap to use as a runabout, and you resell for maybe close to your buy price then you havent lost much!!
  7. Don't just run away, flee.
  8. Yes the repairable write off was registered.

    One of the purchase conditions of the dealer bike is a REVS / PPRS certificate to prove it isn't a repairable write off. So no certificate, no deal.
  9. How on earth would the seller not know? Dealers are legally obliged to tell the customer if the bike has been written-off. So that dude/dudette should've known... yeah get away from that one. :) What bike did you end up going for?
  10. I got a 2007 GPX250, with 19,000kms on the clock. Colour is that candy red. Would have preferred a blue ZZR250 in the looks department, but I feel comfortable that the GPX will allow me to learn and hone some good skills.