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repairable write off assistance requested

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Takamii, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. BY all means rain on my parade - thats a good rain

    but as long as its on the register before

    Does my written-off vehicle have to be inspected before the reforms commence in order for me to be able to register it after October 2010?
    No. The new laws only require that the vehicle be recorded on the Written-Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) prior to 31 October 2010. The vehicle may be inspected any time after it has been recorded on the WOVR, which may be after the reforms are introduced.
  2. My mistake, looks like that bike should be fine for registration. Carry on...
  3. Fuggin RTA, that's rubbish.

    Carry on Moto...
  4. still looking for a person to inspect bike on my behalf --- as I said willing tp pay for your time in cash or goods
  5. I'm pretty sure handlebars should only be $100 or so. Doesn't need worrying about.

    I have absolutely no experience of them and don't know for certain that they do inspections, but 'Balls High Performance Motor Cycle Tuning & Crash Repairs' looks like your most likely option.
  6. Cheers Conner - much appreciated

    handlebars mirror plastics - easy to fix -- just wanna make sure of frame and forks / engine casings etc - the important bits
  7. The bars being bent a small amount doesn't really indicate a whole lot - I've had mine much more obviously out of shape, with no damage to the frame or forks (if that was your concern). You'll have to get it looked at properly... which you knew already :p.