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Repair costs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by heffa, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Ok, I'm helping out my brother with repairs to his Yamaha SRX250.
    He has had a quote from one workshop, but I'm thinking its a little high. They are also insisting on brand new genuine parts
    $248 fuel tap
    $37 needle and seats
    $200 carb & tap labour
    $255 fork seals *
    $200 head-stem bearings *
    $150 Throttle cable *
    $100 oil, filter, spark plugs, etc *
    $50 misc, nuts, bolts, etc.
    What are peoples opinions on this?

  2. They will be insisting on brand new genuine parts because they will have some obligation to support the work they are doing via a warranty. They can't warranty a repair with second-hand parts, now can they?

    And since every nut bolt or screw (in stock, came from Japan) or to be purchased, must come from Japan, costs are added.
  3. lol

    theres one born every minute

    If your up for it u can do everthing for about 1/4 of the price at home
  4. Ouch. The fuel tap one scares me a lot, & everything else seems rather high!

    Normally I am for supporting local business but if they are going to bend you over like that...

    Maybe look around for a s/h tap & get them to do the rest, you could probably get one for $20, as long as the wrecker doesn't know how much a new one is :wink:

    Edit: Surely they can do the fork seals & headstem bearing at the same time? this would save labour, I can't imagine the parts being THAT much....

    Get some other quotes from different workshops
  5. Cheers guys. I'm more familiar with doing the work on my car, so bike prices are a bit unfamiliar.
    Ive since checked parts prices (some reco/2nd hand) and had a bit of a think over it. Come up with this:
    $50 fuel tap (can install myself, pretty straight forward)
    $200 Carb needles and seats incl. labour (still not sure bout this as havent got quote yet)
    $150 Fork seals (again not sure, but thats a pessamistic estimate)
    $200 Head stem bearings (again, need a quote, but sounds right what with looking at the work involved.)
    $50 Throttle cable (self installed)
    $70 for the rest if I do the labour (and I rekon that’s worst case)

    Sound realistic?
  6. $255 for fork seals is stupid; I had a complete front fork re-condition on my bike for $150. That was remove, dismantle, drain oil, check springs and spacers, renew seals, re-assemble, new oil and refit......
  7. the fuel tap price is bollox

    I have a srx250 and thought I had need a new fuel tap, $160 shipped from a dealer in perth (only yamaha dealer that had a new gen one in the country).

    If your brother is interested in a spare bike let me know ;)
  8. To clarify are those prices parts - or parts and time to fit?
  9. Sorry. Ones with * include labour
  10. OK just noticed this too - srx only has 1 spark plug and no oil filter, i'd be asking why they are charging for parts you dont need.

    I'll also add that doing the needle and seat and putting a new fuel tap on is a 30 minute job (if that) and if you can drop the exhaust to change the oil you can manage that job too.
  11. do the stuff you can yourself.

    im sure if you ask nicely a NR can help you for a slab over a weekend

    or you can jsut ring up another mechanic and tell em what you need a they should give you a rough estimate some might even beat your first quote jsut for your business
  12. For all older Yamaha Parts call Yamwreck (03 98078376) this guy has old new stock as well as second hand... Last time I was there he had two SRX250's he was wrecing...
  13. Buy the Holsters bike, mate. It would be a cheap way of getting a bunch of spares.
  14. Also the headstem bearings & fork seals can be done at the same time, so $455 odd for both seems high, you can get for seals for $17 (a/m), bearings will be around $20-$50. That's a lot of labour.
  15. Headstem bearings as a kit should be around the $90-120 ish mark (dont quote me on that), dont forget there are 2 bearing races along with the 2 bearings hence it being a kit.

    Labour for headstems will include the removal of the old races from the frame, and the race/cup/bearing (depends on whats in there to start with) fitted to the steering stem/tripple clamp.

    Plus the fitting of the new top and bottom races to the frame and the pressing on of the new taper bearing to the trippleclamp/steering stem.

    so that might be why the labour charge seems high.

    seals @ $17, oil @ prob $15-20 bucks, strip and clean etc should be around the 130-175 mark for that sort of fork, maybe less depends on the shop. but can also depend on weather the Dampner rod bolt is mashed or stripped from previous attempts etc.

    the rest i cant be bothered typing about just now :D