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Repainting a striple in matte blazing orange.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Mikey213, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. I might (depending on finances) be upgrading soon to a street triple, there is only a few for sale in my price bracket.

    the only issue is the one i want and the color i want has been sold...

    i am really keen on a matte orange one, and i was wondering if anyone knew the cost involved in repainting the whole bike in genuine triumph matte blazing orange.

    and who would you go to in victoria to do it?

    its all hypothetical atm i'm just doing my research before i commit to anything.
  2. If you take off the painted parts for delivery, any competent body repair shop would be able to do it. Matching it to the factory Triumph colour will not be so simple I imagine, though.
  3. yeah i agree, the orange and green are trick paint jobs, and will no doubt cost you.

    check with triumph to see what they can do first.

    failing that just go matt black. see blackadder for details
  4. i did a whole heap of googling and came up with nothing.

    if i get the bike i guess ill have to ring triumph and see what they have to say.

    thanks guys.
  5. Depends, if the paint formula is published then it is fairly easy to match. I have a panel beater/spray painter friend who has the PPG automotive paint system, I will see if Triumph colours are listed.
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  6. Scrap my idea of the spectrometer cause you won't have the colour for them to scan hey lol.

    Nice choice though, the matte colours look tough as :)
  7. i just found a website in the usa who has the color...

    if i got the bike, and bought enough paint for it.. and found a decent painter (any recommendations?)

    they should be able to replicate it no?

    or should i just ring triumph if i get the bike... hm
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    I really don't think Triumph will be much help, their function is to import new bikes, spare parts and accessories and distribute to the dealers. In Melbourne the main dealer is Peter Stevens. I know they handle bike repairs but not sure if they have their own paint shop or sub contract the paint work out.

    There are only 4 items that need to be painted, the tank, 2 side rear panels and front mudguard (I think). If you have the paint, any competent auto painter could do the job. You also need the right thinners to match the paint type.

    The only other part you need to source are the tank stickers and panel stickers because they will be destroyed during preparation for the new colour. Should be able to get those as spares from Peter Stevens or maybe online stores/ebay.
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  9. ask @streetmaster he paints
  10. Just wait until an orange one comes on the market, they're not exactly rare.
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  11. or you can ask @Clemo if his orange' matt color'd street triple is up for sale :) and it DOES look very nice!!
  12. Agree, one will come up eventually, think this is the best option. Patience young padwan!
  13. once i find out if i can get the bike ill decide then.

    thanks for all your advice dudes and dudettes
  14. Well firstly mine is not for sale. Sorry.

    Secondly you can buy all the parts ready painted either from Peter Stevens or try and source them from wreckers and online. When I got mine I bought the seat cowl and radiator fairings from PS. You might find it easier and not much different price wise to do it that way rather than getting a respray.