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Repacking an exhaust

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by undii, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Hi there, just from "doing the rounds" I've found out it's recommended that us Jardine exhaust owners (at least the carbon fibre ones, now sure about the titanium) with 675s repack our exhausts every other month by Jardine :shock: but general consensus is more like yearly. Anyway, even through I have 6-9 months before I need to make sure I have the parts I'd like to know if I have to order the stuff included (fibreglass?) Is this a per company type of thing or a more general "buy your own stuff from anywhere" to repack an exhaust. I can't recall reading about it in the installation guide and would like to know if I need to order stuff from the manufacturer or whatever/whoever when I want to do this (kind of a want vs need thing I'll evaluate when and if I will need to do this :)

    So, just wondering if this is more of a general sort of thing or something I should (or need to) find out info from the manufacturer?

    Cheers (asking this here in case it helps anyone else) :)

    So far about the only info I have at moment is this: http://www.cbrforum.com/m_17236/tm.htm

  2. If Jardine recommend that you repack your cans every other month, I'd pack the stupid thing in a box and send it packing back to Jardine.

    Glass is glass, you can buy exhaust glass from most bike shops
  3. It's prolly only recommended to keep it under the required db's, let it go loud brother! :grin:
  4. When I fell and dented the Arrow, we pulled it apart to fix it up a bit and there was about 15 % of the glass fibre left. No wonder it sounded so good. :LOL:

    So wondering what to do, we saw some yellow ceiling bats in the garage, and packed a couple of kg of yellow glass fibre into the end and wala!!

    Dulled the sound slighty, and it will probably only last a month but who cares.

    Plus the 675 is not going to be too loud any way. If you do want to do it, you just need a drill, and rivet gun to take it apart and put it back together.

  5. *nod* Initially I think the dude got his wires crossed and meant each other year I guess (each 2-3rd year if you want), My current exhaust was tested (at full fibre/muffling) at 112db from what I read. Everyone says they can hear me arriving 2 or 3 blocks away. Still, not as loud as some bikes I've been near but I take it EXTREMELY careful past police just not to sound like "a hoon" or whatever. heh. I've done some reading and know what to expect now so it's not "as scary" as a thing thats WOW, never heard that before, how come it hasn't been casually mentioned anywhere.

    Anyway, I won't be kept awake at night worrying about the need to repack this every few months ;) :)

  6. ride past them in top gear if possible... that was my trick :wink:

  7. I had to idle past them with the clutch pulled in.

    127db of twin goodness............horn babeeeeeeee just horn :)
  8. people in japan would be running in fear of the tremor... :wink:
  9. ooohh yeah, I know all about that and changing gears at low low RPMs when accelerating near them :wink:

    And with 127db of goodness from Vic, I'm pretty sure that alerts idiot (car) drivers nearby that you're about and to take notice of you :LOL:
  10. I'm pretty sure carbon fiber will burn if it's not protected in some way so if you leave it too long you might have a bit of a fire on your hands.
  11. It will turn white if exposed to too much heat.

    There is usually an additional insulating mat between the glass and the carbon fibre.