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Renting Motorbike Gear...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzzyDevil, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi i was just wonding is there a place in melbourne that u can rent motorbike gear from... I don't have any gear and i wanted to know if u can rent this stuff out...

  2. What do you want it for?
  3. well i'm applyed for a motorbike but the money is not for gear so i might have to rent some till i get my own gear thats all...
  4. I don't think there is... but i would recommend buying your own gear anyway that should be the first thing you buy.
  5. If you wanna save a dollar check this site for gear [second hand] save some bucks unless money's no object then buynew. AMX isnt far from you, fo see what they have in stock and try different things on, textile and leather. See what you like then ask here before buying you arent sure.
  6. I have a heap of gear.. what size are you?
  7. Yeah i want to buy my own gear but if i get the bike it will be another 2 or 3 till i can get gear and it's going to be so hard not to ride lol...
  8. Well i have done everything to apply for my motorbike now it's all up to the GODS... Am paying now...
  9. ??? ???
  10. I'm about an Extra large i will post more if i get it.. Should know by today or tomorrow latest...
  11. This is what i have applied for...

  12. I've probably got a dririder jacket that is big enough, you can borrow that if needed.

    Its waterproof and comes with a doona for a liner.

    Lemmi know.
  13. Thx mate till i know for sure i got this bike and i'm prying like made lol i'll get back to u...
  14. Have you bought a helmet yet? Helmet is something you should buy your own IMO.
  15. You're going into debt for a brand new bike but you can't afford $500 for a jacket and some pants???? What about a helmet and gloves?

    The interest you'll pay on the finance in just the first year will be more than you spend on some basic gear, and if you're getting finance through the dealer then you'll paying interest through the nose.

    You could get a personal loan for 6 grand on better terms, spend 4k on a second hand learner bike, 1k on comprehensive insurance for when you stack it and still have $1000 to spend on safety gear.

    You don't need clothing, you need some financial advice.


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  16. Well it is a personal loan through Universal Motorcycle Finance but i think they just pay for the bike... If it doesn't go through i will just save 3 or 4 months and buy 1...
  17. as i previously said...

    Gear first, bike second, and before you even take it out on the road.. insurance full comp.
    I get that you're eager to ride.. but if you have to borrow gear.. you aren't starting on the right foot.

    And tbh you should buy a second hand bike.. there are plenty out there for cheap, and the amount of money you spend on paying back the loan.. you could buy good gear and helmet.

    spending shitloads of money on your first bike seems a waste but each to their own.

    I have never gotten loans, cash is best, you own it and have self pride.
  18. I have a jacket I was given when I got a new bike, its used but is in pretty good nic, I would probably be able to let you have it for next to nothing..

    It has some green bits however... :p
  19. Considring what people are saying about buying second hand, I would have thought a second hand Ninja 250 would be easy to find, couple of grand cheaper at the least...
  20. Thx guys i'll just see how i go it doesn't mean i will get it and if nor well 3 or 4 months i'll have my own bike With gear...