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Renting a MOTORCYCLE in Germany

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Wallsy, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Mornin'. (Or morgen...)

    Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) rental place in Germany? Ideally Frankfurt, but could be elsewhere if the price is right. The numbers I'm coming up with are slightly on the outrageous side...

  2. I imagine renting Greece would be cheaper. You could probably get several towns, if not most of the country, for the price of Frankfurt.
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  3. Re: Renting Germany

    Have you tried an annex to a house?

    Germans are good at annexing.....:bolt:
  4. Re: Renting Germany

    Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Mount Kehlstein in Berchtesgaden is apparently nice at this time of the year.
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  5. Re: Renting Germany

    Ahhhh yea. I'd say there are about 195 countries where it's cheaper to rent a motorbike than Germany, but I'm going to be in Germany and wanna head to the Alps.

    Cheers Mcsenna, might check it out if I've got the time.
  6. Re: Renting Germany

    Aah, so it's a motorbike you're looking to rent?
    That's lucky - I was about to call Gretchen for you...

    Seriously though, have you considered hiring something from one of the border countries and riding it in to Germany? I have no idea but it may work out cheaper, plus you get a bit of a ride in!
  7. Re: Renting Germany

    Scheiß, that would have been useful information earlier.
  8. Re: Renting Germany

    It was reasonably obvious, given the context :shrug:.
  9. Re: Renting Germany

    No it wasn't. The topic title was "Renting Germany". The context other than that was a "rental place" which is about as obvious as a falling bowl of petunia's thinking "Oh not again".
  10. Re: Renting Germany

    You would have to be careful with older bikes though. You wouldn't want to end up with something you have to putsch.....
  11. Re: Renting Germany

    On a motorcycle forum...

    Not saying it was clear, given that he failed to specify exactly what he wanted to rent, but, taking the post as a whole, it wasn't that hard to figure out :shrug:.

    Speaking of specifics: Are there any preferences regarding size, model, whatever? I have zero familiarity with bike rental (especially rental in Europe), but I'm sure it would be handy to know anything that might rule an option out.
  12. ...how long will you be in Germany for? Might be a better option to buy a cheap motorcycle and resell before leaving if you are there long enough. If not, see if you can ask rental companies if they need a motorcycle delivered to certain countries :)...they do that with cars I believe.
  13. I would consider buying a cheapy from UK and riding over, the recession in the uk along with regulations and taxes have put the second hand vehicle market on its ass
    Or even renting from London.
    It's only a day or two ride depending how you ride
  14. So are you suggesting he rents a bike or an ass? An ass would be reliable but slow, plus you probably wont get coffee and a burger at a fodder store along the way.
  15. No point getting an ass from London
    It probably can't speak german
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  16. Ha jeeesus, this has gone a bit off the rails...

    The powers that be have kindly inserted "MOTORCYCLE" into the title. Didn't think that was necessary considering we're on a motorcycle forum, but alright. Lowest common denominator and all that...

    And the situation is...

    - Goin' to Frankfurt with work
    - Will have 3 or 4 days free
    - Would like to rent a motorcycle between 600 and 1200cc

    Hence the question.

    The end.
  17. You might get better answers on http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ as it is more of an international board.

    I havent rented in Germany so cant give personal advice, but am jealous, I saw the alps in winter they would be amazing on a bike in summer.