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NSW Renewing an expired rego and ADR

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by christrails, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am going to re register the 2008 WR450F for road use hopefully!

    The only thing is, do I need a safety check / inspection for the bike or can I just go to the RTA and pay the fees to get it re registered?

    Also with ADR requirements, I need to get new mirrors and indicators (front and back) can I just go buy these? I like the clear indicators, are they legal? Also I'm guessing the mirrors are legal?



    Also do I need the back brake to be wired for the rear light?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. if it has been out of rego for over 3 months, you will need a blueslip
    if it has been in rego in the last 3 months, you may need a pinkslip
    you also need a greenslip before you can rock up to the rego

    have a read of the road rules regarding lights and mirrors, for the indicators, they need to be x distance apart and visable from x degrees to the side and up and down. other than that, you could have a 60w house globe painted orange and it would be ok (although prob too bright :))
  3. Ohk thanks mate, I will need to get a blue slip and a green slip then?

    Also what's the deal regarding aftermarket exhausts on my L's?
  4. Your licence status doesn't affect the use of modifications. It just has to be legal.

    Though a smart rider might not want to draw unnecessarily fuzz on themselves.

    You will need the back brake to work. You should search for ADR requirement for the mirrors and indicators, there are specific sizes allowed and just because a bike shop sells them doesnt make them legal.
  5. From memory, a couple of years back they passed some law type thing that restricted provisional drivers from driving modified cars. That's modified in any way, as much as changing the seat.

    So I would double check your learning restrictions before relying on something said here... No offense VC.
  6. I thought when a lams bikes is modified ie exhaust

    Back brake works fine, but do I need to hook it up to the rear light? it didn't come like that factory.

    Ok thanks!
  7. You wont get knocked back on your licence for the rwc, it just needs to be legal (under 94db). You may get pulled over and lose your licence for riding against your licence conditions on the way home though, even though it passed.

    You need a working back brake switch, what bike? All bikes have them that i have had, including dirt bikes from the 70s have had them.
  8. My 1953 BSA Bantam did not have a brake switch (or brake light for that matter )
  9. British bikes dont count, you can tell they are braking because the drops of oil get closer together.
  10. LOL, but what I was saying is does my back brake need to be hooked up to my rear light? Back brake didn't come from the factory like that and also my front is hooked up obviously.
  11. Nah no idea sorry, i am just onto smart arsed comments now.

    If it was me i would be taking some proof that it was factory as my guess is that they are going to try to knock it back and unless you have proof then you will have issues. At least it might save another trip back.
  12. Ohk thanks mate!

    could you recommend me any other places online or retail for a larger selection of mirrors and indicators?

    also would I need one of these?


    or is one of these fine? It says non ADR compliant but who will know?

  13. MCAS auburn have a heap of blinkers and mirrors,

    If its not adr compliant then it might not pass, as you may get charged for a fail I would do it properly. You might get lucky but is it worth the risk, up to you.

    You can get cheap legal mirrors for $10 that would last the 10 minutes needed. Indicators not much more.