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Renewed interest

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Roadblock7, May 13, 2013.

  1. Hi there, I have just joined netrider as I have been doing some research and it seems a lot of the answers I have found have been on this site. I have recently made the decision to get back on 2 wheels after about 15 years without a bike after a major accident. In my teens I mainly rode trail bikes, some motor cross and the occasional super bike. Recently my brother in law has bought a HD and my father in law has upgraded his to a new CVO breakout leaving his stunning 105th anniversary superglide up for sale. Tempting but after all those years I never bothered to get my license. I got by with a couple of 'riding unaccompanied' fines from the boys in blue. The penalties are much greater these days and I am (hopefully) a lot more sensible. I am currently looking to get a LAMS cruiser similar to the HD while I do my time before graduating to heavy bike. I have booked in to do the QSAFE course before they get rid of it. I think the Q-Ride course is a great idea for learners but I just want to go do the test. Has anyone done the test recently? I really just want to know what they ask you to do and if they are going to be OK with me doing the test on a cruiser. I have lined up my mate's Hyosung GV650 for the day which I may end up buying as a cheap commuter until graduation.

    Does anyone have any recent experience with the QSAFE test?

  2. Welcome @Roadblock7

    Don't know much about that secret Queensland business I am a southerner myself. I am sure some banana benders ;) will be along soon to answer you.
  3. I'm a banana bender, and did my licence recently, but I did QRide, not QSafe.

    To be honest most people do QRide I think - noting too you have to wait 6 months after doing your learners before you can do QSafe. Check your licence still has the endorsement from ages ago.

    My understanding is it's the same test but I think you only get one crack at it.


    Things like slow-ride, figure 8s, emergency stops, hill starts, brake left, brake right, etc etc. Plus a road test and general bike knowledge (e.g. 'where's the coolant'). If you muck it up I believe you're back to the start. I would strongly suggest getting some practice up first so you don't flub it, and I'd also suggest going for the one-day qride rather than risking having to go to QSafe multiple times (remember, you need to take your own bike, which means a licence holder has to take the bike there, or accompany you). Basically I felt they made QSafe as difficult as possible, logistically, to do - most locations were miles away from me in the leafy western suburbs, anyway. The one day QRide was about $200 or so.

    YMMV. My mate hadn't ridden in 20 years, but he had a half-hour warm up and was good to go. Me - I'm coordination-challenged.
  4. Welcome, good luck with your test and subsequent adventures on the road!
  5. You will have to wait 6 months after getting the learners permit to do the Q-Safe test.
    With the Q-Ride course you will immediately go to a license (assumimng you are not a complete klutz) and can then ride unaccompanied. If you feel you already are competent then a one day course will be sufficient ... this will aslo give you a bit of a tune-up of your roadcraft and correction of any bad habits if you have 'em. The Q-safe will not give any input at all on these issues.

    The Q-Ride course is not a test ... it is competency based ie you need to be able to display certain skills more than once on the range and complete the road-ride sensibly. It is not like the NSW MOST where points accrue.

    Good luck