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Renew registration or not?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ford Fairlane, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Not getting any bites on my bike that im selling (https://netrider.net.au/threads/for-sale-xvs-650-classic-blue.173994/) and my rego is running out on the 4th of feb.

    Question is, should I rego it (I don't ride at the moment as im sick) and sell it that way, or should I just sell it unregistered and save myself the money. Any pros and cons either way?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Cons - can't really be test-ridden. Cons - more running around for a potential buyer, in order for them to get it home.
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  3. I personally would update the registration.
    Probably cheaper then re-registering (you can transfer the ownership of a registered vehicle AFAIK) and you'll have more chances of selling it because "unregistered" sounds scary for many buyers.
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  4. Can you put 6 months rego on in NSW? Unregistered bikes have to be trailered, which is a hassle if you don't already have a trailer. Given its a recent model and not a cheap rat, this cuts out most of your potential buyers - especially so given you're in Yass. Chances are buyers would be travelling from Canberra or elsewhere.
  5. I agree with all the above posts as im pretty sure I would walk away from buying an unregistered bike... As to being in Yass, I think that might be whats hurting me in that people don't wanna travel all that way to buy a bike..

    Im wondering best methods of sale (bikesales? Gumtree not working for me etc) or should I start a new thread?
  6. Kown anyone in Canberra you can leave it with?

    I've had most success with Gumtree. I usually get one or two hits off Bikesales, but I've had nothing off this site :( . If you're getting no hits at all, you might have to look at pricing...disclaimer: I've no idea what xvs650s go for.

    There's always ebay - a friend located in Yass sold a couple of bikes that way.
  7. I would re register the bike, do six months if you can. I have sold many, many bikes over the years, tried bikesales with minimum success, trading post once or twice, but the most successful place to sell has been E Bay. I have also brought a few bikes from E Bay too. Check the prices on what your model is going for, list it as an auction, with the starting price being the lowest amount you would accept for the bike. I think the fees for selling a bike are $8 listing fee, and a flat fee of about $40 if you sell. Some of my bikes sold on e bay have even gone interstate, with a bike mover coming to pick them up. There are lots of bike movers around these days, with average cost to the buyer being about $300 to $ 400, depending on distance. Re Rego, and try E Bay. The distance thing should not be a problem if someone really wants your bike. I have driven 800 km return once to buy a bike, and I had another guy come to me from QLD to buy a bike, 1800 km return trip!
  8. I would also re-register the bike. I faced the same dilemma when selling my 250, and thought that it would be easier to sell if it was registered, and it was as the guy rode the bike home after buying it. Otherwise he would have needed a trailer / ute etc.

    My experiences in buying / selling..
    - Bought the 250 off bikesales, which pointed to a dealer.
    - Sold the 250 off bikesales. Took a while and dropped the price a few times, but sold it.
    - Tried selling the bike on ebay. Put the min price I would take as a starting bid. Lots of people watching the bike, but no bids.
    - Bought my VFR off bikesales, which pointed me to a dealer. Drove from Brisbane to Orange to buy the bike. Just shows, right bike, right price and people will travel.
    - Bought my Suzuki Katana off from Gumtree. Had to travel from Brisbane to Toowoomba and again, right bike, right price and people will travel.
  9. I travelled from Melbourne to Canberra to buy an unregistered bike (rode it back on a day permit. However, the bloke was selling it more to make room than money, so I got a 2003 TE610 for two and a half grand, with a few extras pieces as well (including a spare gearbox). Cost me about another grand to get it registered, since there were a couple of things I needed to fix up (and it would have been much more if I hadn't done much of it myself). A price closer to its market would have been too much for it to be worthwhile.

    You may reduce the money you have to spend on it, but you'll also reduce the money people will pay you for it -- likely by a greater amount than you save.
  10. Im looking for a bike atm and would prefer it registered......
  11. I would agree, register the bike. Unregistered looks suss and buyers might be put off not being able to test ride. Hope you sell mate, sorry to hear you are sick.
  12. Thanks Heaps! I am feeling better but its a long haul.. diagnosed a coeliac but very advanced (lost about half my body weight) so am very weak.. not ideal for riding, but I am on the mend so if I don't sell, ill just keep it and ride when I get my strength back