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Removing ZZR250 fairing, easy ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Hi guys !

    Im thinking about having a go at repairing my fairing with this plastex stuff that I have read about on here.
    Being as I have absolutely no experience whatsoever in bike repairs I was wondering how easy it is to remove the fairing for repair ?
    Do I need any special tools etc ?

  2. As long as your fairing screws haven't been replaced with hex bolts or something similar then it is a piece of cake.

    all you will need is 1 medium sized phillips head screw driver.

    There are 6 bolts on each side, 4 at the front holding the two sides together and 2 on top holding the dash surround secure to the fairings. Basically you just unscrew the 18 screws and your fairings will be off. It'll take you all of about 5 minutes if your good with a screw driver. Enjoy!!

    Here are some pics with X's marking where the bolts are. For the record they are not MY pics but i DID edit them with the X's.



  3. the front bottom ones u'll just hafta move the wheel a bit. careful not 2 push it over :grin:
  4. Had a quick look, the screws at the top are still phillips so no problem there.
    The ones on the side of the fairing have been replaced with hex bolts.
  5. Now all you need is the right sized allen key and you are in Business.
  6. In that case you'll need to purchace an allan key (preferably in the correct size) which will set you back a good 30 cents at a guess. Or if you're feeling rich and not good at guessing sizes, whip down to the Warehouse and lash out a few bucks for a full set. You never know when the others wil come in handy. :wink:

    From there it's an easy process. Undo the screws, unplug the indicators and the fairings will fall right off there.

    I think there's a screw in the belly pan that holds it half together somehow. Have a look, and if it's there take that one out to. :)
  7. Yuo also need an allan key for the main screw low on the side towards the front. if you have the original tool kit under the seat then you should find what you need in there.
  8. OK thanks guys !
    I do have the original tool set under the seat so guess that will do it !
    Im going to have a crack at fixing it on Saturday so will let you know how I go
  9. have a crack at fixing mine after that :grin:
  10. You might want to check the results of mine first flexorcist !!!!!! :) hehehehehehe
  11. Just wanted to get you guys opinions before attempting this on the weekend.
    Have attached a pic of the crack that I want to repair. As you will be able to see it is right on the edge of the fairing.
    Do you think it will be really noticeable after using the plastex or should I just fork out the cash and get it plastic welded ?