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Removing wiring cutouts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Scubloke, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. G'day,
    I recently dug an old xj900s out of the shed and am in the process of doing a no to lo-bux resurrection job on it. I plan on removing most everything that don't make it stop, go or go 'round corners. I want to simplify the whole thing. To that end, I was wondering if it is legal to get rid of things like the clutch cutout and the sidestand cutout in the wiring.

  2. Is it to be registered for road use ?
    Some of them are roadworthy items.
  3. Which ones?
  4. As far as I know ,neither. I have removed both over the years and still passed RWC.
  5. Cool, thanks. The less wires the better.
  6. +1 to Eamonn there are no legal requirements for these cutouts. With (I think) the exception of the kill switch.
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  7. Pretty sure the only cut off is the kill switch that is a legal requirement.
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  8. Yeah I got a roadworthy no issue with a non-functioning clutch switch last year, and my little brother's bike doesn't have a side stand switch and we roadworthy'd that no issues a few weeks ago.
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