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Removing warning sticker on tank ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fishyben, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I read somewhere that if you remove the 'Unleaded fuel only' sticker on the tank can void some warranties, but can you remove the warning sticker on the tank, this is the one that basically tells you to read the manual !

  2. I dunno. Read the manual, the answer mght be in there.
  3. wouldnt see why there would be a problem. just ask the dealer..
  4. I doubt it would void the warranty as lets say for normal wear and tear the sticker comes off (I know unlikely but still) it shouldn't cause you to loose your warranty through no fault of your own.

    Of course if they determine that a fault occurs because of the wrong petrol used thats a different matter but I can't see loosing a sticker meaning loosing your warranty.
  5. Speaking of removing stickers, Ive got a sticker on my ute (the back window) that the dealer put on when I bought it and am having some trouble peeling it off, whats best to get the bloody things off without leaving scratch marks ??
  6. Eucalyptus Oil
  7. give it a spray with window cleaner as you gently use a razor blade to remove it. then the sticky stuff will come off with a bit of crc...
  8. Fishyben, removing the unleaded sticker, apparently from what I was told, could cause a bike to be declared unroadworthy. Same as removing the AS sticker from your helmet. The warning sticker, I am not sure of.

    Egiste, use a hair dryer on the sticker and it will peel off just fine.
  9. Geez 748, you didnt have to show me up.. :grin: Yes give the hair dryer a crack first.. :grin:
  10. In NSW this was an issue. It was more an EPA requirement than anything else. However, it's somewhat redundant as you can only get ULP/PULP now. I think that in NSW they've withdrawn that particular reg.

    I heard stories, perhaps myths, I dunno, that riders were being pinged because their tank bags covered the sticker (as well as the filler cap). That the bag had to be removed in order to access the cap was irrelevant according to what I heard that the cops said.

    I don't know what the situation here in Victoria is. But I've never heard of anyone being pinged for it.
  11. Sorry Blue12, its just that I am a girlie and hairdryers are useful for so many things so I thought I would suggest it having used it to remove offending stickers myself.

    But I must admit I am still looking for an easy fix to getting the sticky stuff off your wheels, you know where they stick the balancing weights on, then you get a new tyre and they put the little weights somewhere else and leave the sticky mucky tapey stuff behind.
  12. I wonder if egiste has a hair dryer. :? I've never seen one, but you just never know. :cool: Bloody good idea though.
  13. It's an ADR requirement that unleaded vehicles have an "unleaded only" sticker attached - removing it could void your warranty since it could be interpreted as an illegal modification. NSW has repealled the law allowing people to be booked for not having the sticker, but I believe the design reg is still in place (ADR 41) - I may be wrong on this though.
  14. Seany, no garage should be without one. We have an el cheapo for doing this sort of stuff (someone gave it to me) we also have a heat gun - but that is a bit hot for this kind of thing.

    mjt57 you are probably right cos there isn't any unleaded anymore, shame about that really and you wouldn't bother sticking the unleaded replacement in your bike. I never knew anyone that got pinged either, it was just a story I heard.
  15. Im not on about removing the unleaded sticker it's the BIG sticker above that, that basically warns you to ' read the manual, ware a helmet, dont make any mods, ect.
  16. Yeah p1ss that one off. If they make an issue of it simply say that it fell off and that if it's that important then it should be replaced under warranty (with a sticker that's not faulty):LOL:.
  17. Cheers people, had a look for a hair dryer, but it looks the ex took hers when she moved out.

    I will try the eucalyptus oil or mabie some turps, seany (the original one) thinks that it might be worth having a hair dryer in the shed for other purposes (drying hair / heating chain loob / chasing away spiders etc.)
  18. Forget the hairdryer and get yourself a heatgun, just try to avoid melting/burning things with it (at least unintentionally :grin:) .
  19. Warming up tyres, dusting, keeping my toes warm when I'm servicing the bike in winter, a spare doorstop, something to swing and and throw at the lady who steals Gerry's carpark......etc....... The list is endless. :grin:

    I will survive this attack. Immitations will fall to my surpreme power. :twisted:
  20. Seany, Ooooh, chasing away spiders - that's an excellent idea, if I could just get close enough to them to do it.