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Removing The Spark Plugs on a VTR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by parko, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Well I've truly caught the "do your own maintenance" bug :grin: and I've splashed out on a new socket set and torque wrench... I spend yesterday changing my oil and filter, and I also adjusted my chain... Next I want to check my spark plugs but spark plug sockets that came in my new "SuperWorks Gold" socket set are definitely to big!! According, are there any "special" kinds of sparkplug sockets required to pull plugs out of a motorcycle or do I just need to get the right sized socket :?: Any help appreciated...


  2. Don't you get a sparkplug socket free with your motorcycle tool kit? Ripped off!
  3. No.... no free spark plug socket... :(
  4. Well... You can buy a motorcycle sparkplug socket for about $5-$10 from any bike shop. Otherwise Kmart may have one if you're lucky.
  5. Removing the spark plugs wont make it go any faster but will in fact impede performance substancially
  6. You wouldn't believe it! After trawling the internet and deciphering the codes for the spark plugs recommended for use in the Honda workshop manual (for my vt250) I find that both recommended plugs made by NGK and Denso require 16mm hex sockets... which I have, but it just want going on! WTF :evil: ! So I rolled up my sleeves tonight and pulled off the tank so I could get a good look in where the spark plugs reside. Low and behold! Both plug sinks have a single tiny rock sitting in there blocking entry of my spark plug socket...:roll: They obviously didn't budge when I blew compressed air in, so I grabbed a wire coat hanger, reshaped one end into a little hook, hooked under each stone and pulled the little buggers out! To cut a long story short... plugs are fine.... :grin: Next job.. the air filter :p

    cheers all!

    PS Handy tool those wire coat hangers!
  7. Nice work.

    Always good to see people putting socket/spanner in hand and getting more acquainted with their Bikes.

    Truth be told, I wouldn't be trusting any bike I haven't taken a spanner to myself... leastawise none I could afford.
  8. Lucky that you had to look, those tiny rocks could have really pissed you off next time you rode it with the new plugs and those little rocks now hiding beneath them.