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Removing the rear fender

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Doomsday_Streetboarding, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. G'day people,

    Got a GPX250R, and want to remove the big ugly black fender at the back. Once I do this I will need to find somewhere else to place the rear indicators, I heard it was illegal to put them in the slots next to the tail-light? Is this true?

    Has anyone done this before and have any tips/tricks I could use?


  2. Removing the fender will render the bike unroadworthy. But do it anyway as it looks better.
    I think the major consideration with indicators is that they are spaced at least 30cm apart to keep the bike roadworthy....but...you've removed the fender anyway...
  3. Well looks as though it's gotta stay. Why would it be considered unroadworthy without it?

    Yeah I've seen that website, that's where I got the idea from... I was just wondering if any of you guys had done it before.

  4. they look good as is.... why hack it up?
  5. Lots of people hack about with the rear fender of Hornets too, but, surprise, surprise, I've left mine as it is....
  6. hornets look good stock.

    my missus pointed one out the other day saying "you gonna get one like that?" with a silly big grin on her face. Guess i'll be asked to consider the Hornet as an option down the track. Can't stratch the budget for a Hornet250
  7. not sure about tas but in vic the indicators must be min. 240mm (24cm) from the first inside visable edge of the len. I looked into it for my zzr and aslong i painted the edge (first 10mm of each lens) with a black or dark colour which would hide the the light then it was legal. This is stated in the vic roads mod. section for motorcycle, i would say tas would have something too you could look up.

    Cheers stewy
  8. I believe there is a Aus design reg that states you need a solid covering over the rear wheel that covers an angle of 45% from your hub. I'm not sure if it needs to be solid plastic or whether you could get away with attaching a temporary "mud flap" when getting your RWC. A hugger doesn't get around this reg either unless it goes most of the way around your tyre (which they dont).
  9. Ah,

    I reckon I might just leave it on there... Seems to be way too much hassle taking it off hey.
  10. Pretty easy to take off actually..A hacksaw blade followed by some wet and dry paper to smooth out the cut!
  11. I meant 'hastle' meaning the problems it might cause... i.e the roadworthiness of the bike

  12. I've been tempted, though in reality it's pretty hard to chop off much more than what's there - the indicators get in the way.

    I think it's preferable to order a new undertray or create your own indicator/number plate bracket at your local TAFE.
  13. dosent matter if you get a render eliminator. u can still get indicators
    to fit basically wherever u wanted em fitted.

    with my mates busa, he had the indicators fitted uinderneath; in the

    if cops want to make ya bike unroadworthy they'll do it anyways
    (eg. just having a muffler fitted etc)
  14. Actually, what am I worrying about making it unroadworthy for? Haha shit - It hasn't got a front-right indicator at the moment.

    My mate crashed in front of me the other night, and I came off behind him... Got away with just a broken indicator, a few scratches and the handlebars were a bit twisted.

    Waiting for them to find my order at the bike shop.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Doomsday
  16. Haha yeh but it was more like "Mayday" when he went down... :?
  17. Where you gonna put your indicators?

    Damn I want a ZXR250 instead of a GPX.