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Removing tank stickers

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by axza, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Can anyone give me some advice on removing the tank sticker from my zx2r?

    It's got a solid coat of clear coat over it, but it's not at the same level as the paint if that makes sense.

    I'd really like to remove the last of these dodgy stickers and look at getting some custom decals on there.

    Any suggestions??

  2. I can't advise you on how best to get through the clear coat, but when you do and get to the decal I found prepsol works well on getting rid of the remaining adhesive once the decal is peeled away.


    Good Luck.
  3. well... I had a shot at it anyway...

    I've come to the conclusion that they are one with the bike, I had a scrape with a knife, I got through it, but the problem is that there's kind of a mount underneath the sticker and around it so I'd have to take the whole lot off and risk fcuking it up.

    I think it's safer to paint over it...

    How about reccomendations there :)
  4. The clear coat is there to protect the stickers from spilled fuel. whatever decals you put on in the future will also need a clear coat for protection. You could possibly cut through the clear coat with a razor knife around the edge of the decals. You can remove the stickers with a heat gun. Be careful not to ignite any fumes in the tank. Best practice would be to drain the tank, remove it from the bike, fill it with water to expel any fumes and leave it full of water while you remove the stickers. When replacing the tank, after draining the water, give it a flush through with metho.

    I removed the stickers from my Kawasaki Tengai using the above method. However the clear coating received a lot of scratches, so I decided to respray the entire tank, including an extra coat of clear resin fror protection. I'd love to show you the finished job, but some bastard stole my bike (2 yars ago and I'm still not over it!)
  5. The only way is to sand it back & respray the whole tank. If the stickers have been cleared over they usually leave an imprint in the original paint work. If they havent been cleared over you can get them off with heat as mentioned by leftleg.
  6. Best way to remove the clear-coat (lacquer) is to use something like white spirit. After you get the lacquer and the sticker off you'll have to get it the lacquer re-applied by a professional.

    It's all a bit nasty though to be honest and there is a good chance you'd stuff the paintwork up trying to get the lacquer off.
  7. I just got rid of all the decals on the bike! I used a razor blade thing to just slide between the sticker and the fairing (It's waaaayyy easier than sanding)

    I only fcuked up 3 times - cut into the plastic twice (minimal damage) and once into my hand (fatality)

    Now all that I need to do is remove that annoying sticker glue. What can I use that wont burn into the plastic? (prepsol?)
  8. Prepsol, metho, or if you want what us proffesionals use VarX (get it from any sign supplier)
  9. ok cool. thanks for that!
    I ran out of metho today : (
    I left it in an open container.. mustve run away =o
  10. Oh forgot to add my favorite, Eucalyptus oil will get rid of it as well, one thing to bare in mind is that you will dull the surface slighly, I'd recomend T-Cut to restored the colour and shine.
  11. To get the glue residue off, I use a piece of new Blu-Tac, and half roll/half smear it across the surface. Takes a few minutes; doesn't dull the surface.