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Removing tank sticker

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by methanol, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've tried to pull a sticker off my tank and it hasn't gone so well... :oops:

    I don't have a hair dryer or anything like that to heat it up, is there any chemicals that are safe to use to get it off?
  2. When I had to take a dealer sticker off my car, I waited for a hot sunny day and left it out in the sun for a few hours. Helps to melt the glue and does the same thing as a hairdryer. Then use some polish (or I used WD40 though I'm not sure if that's safe) to remove the sticky crap.
  3. Use "Prepsol"
  4. Thanks guys, managed to get it off with degreaser off all things, what a pain in the ass though. Washed it down with water after and gave it a polish, looks as good as everywhere else.
  5. A bloke I know used brasso to remove the remaining residue off his petrol tank. I haven`t tried it on a painted surface, so if you must , try a test somewhere inconspicuious first.
    I use brasso on my wheels and stainless steel exhausts and have found it to be better than any of the expensive polishes that I have used over the years. It has a great solvent for cutting through baked on road tar and for removing chain lube etc off the wheels. Just needs a good polish up to remove any residue.
  6. WD40 / RP7 works for me.
  7. ive always used goo remover. its an orange based household cleaner. Used to be spruiked on Bert Newtons morning show by the big (fat) Kev. About 3 bucks to buy comes in useful at least a couple of times a year
  8. FWIW Brasso and WD40 have exactly the same active ingredient - white spirit (or paint thinner). Only difference is WD40 also contains oil.

    Eucalyptus oil works better, Goo Remover is basically the same thing (though based on pine oil, with some citrus extract added).
  9. dont forget to take sticker off swing arm if you have it there
  10. You mean the one that says the exhaust has been tested at XXdB?