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Removing tank protectors

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by heffa, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Ok, when I bought my baby (second hand) there was already a stick on tank protctor in place. Because its now pretty scratched up I want to replace it, but Im not to sure just how well stuck on in may be.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for removing it without leaving marks?

  2. hair dryer, and eucalyptus oil
  3. As Joel said. Use a hairdryer to give it a bit of warmth, then peel it off. Then use some polish to clean up the area..
  4. Cheers. Now I just gotta get hold of a hairdryer :p
  5. A hair dryer is a must have accessory for the average long haired biker type... just ask the next Harley rider you see :LOL:
  6. OI! i dont have hair!!
  7. Hair dryer, and some metho or wax grease remover does a good job
  8. ?!

    Im actually really interested about this because i really need to get the remaining sticker residue off my tank. How can i do this without damaging the paint on the tank? Will metho damage it?
  9. Re: ?!

    I've heard wd40 is good for this without damaging paint. I've found it's good for getting sticker residue off plastic without damaging anything.

    Try on something you don't care about first.
  10. News flash!

    The trick with the stickers (and I did this yesterday) is to heat it up with a hair dryer and progressively remove the sticker with the heat on the seperating edge.
    If you have residue. Just heat up the sticky bit you have removed and re-apply it to the spot and remove the spots (just like someone in a waxing salon).
    Leaves no mess, no need to poish and no damage to the tank.
  11. You don't necessarily need a hair dryer, putting your bike out in the sun on a good hot day for an hour will do the same thing. You just need to get the surface that it's stuck to hot. (Of course the hair dryer is quicker).
    We use metho where i work (signage company) and i haven't seen it damage anything yet, but saying that you should always try a little bit before going nuts with it.
  12. I'm a big fan of citrus cleaner. Most supermarkets have it. On any adhesive I just give it a big squirt, let it sit for a couple of minutes and the residue and sticker come off with little effort.

    Also great on getting rid of bugs.