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Removing Tank Protector... nicely

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MdMa, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. I just bought my first bike, and it has the largest and ugliest tank protector I have ever seen...

    Just wanted to know how to remove it without affecting the paint, and what is recommend to get off any excess adhesive if some remains.

  2. Hair Dryer, Eucalyptus oil, grease & tar remover
  3. You'll find useful info for this on car forums as well (removing badges which are often glued on).

    General consensus seems to be the above, or a combination of the above with heat (hairdryer) and dental floss (to work under the badge).
  4. I figured it was the same as car badges.. so fishing wire or dental floss will suffice?
  5. Hairdryer, fingernails, WD-40 can help...
  6. I'll give the hair dyer a go, and maybe some dental floss if it needs it.

    Thanks guys.
  7. Yup.

    I would probably combine a bit of warmth (might skip this step because I'm lazy) with some gentle solvent (maybe something citrus based) and then work it off slowly with some tough dental floss, fishing line, whatever.

    Fishing line is probably going to be best.
  8. To revive this thread, do the above solutions also remove any adhesive left behind and not damage the paintwork? My tank protector is peeling off, after just a few months (grrr), and there's sticky stuff left behind (no jokes please!).
  9. WD-40 will do that. I've not removed a protector, but have factory stickers this way. Here's a link about it.
  10. the tank protector mine used to have was also ugly. I took it off and under it was a nice big scratch. Obviously the sticker was placed there as a cover up.

    To take the stickiness off i used some alcohol wipes. Like ones you use to clean telephones, etc. Actually worked quite well and the paint is still fine
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. Will replace it at the weekend.
  12. I use the steam machine to peel the gel stickers off my bike that works well and no fuss doesn't leave a sticky residue behind.
  13. I used thinners and a plastic knife to get the badges off a mates 200sx, they were well on there but it did the trick!