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removing swirls from tank...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by troy, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. hey guys
    just wondering if anyone has got the same problem..
    i mean everyone who has seen my bike thats its always kept nice and clean..
    i guess the question is can we use wax on the tank? to smooth out the swirls?

  2. I use wax on my bike, and there is a product you can buy that removes the swirls :)
  3. I have a black tank which is very unforgiving. I waxed and polished it with just a kitten brand and the most obvious swirls came out. But not all :cry:
  4. I also use kitten brand and am very happy with it. If the swirls are scratched into the clear coat, you could try kitten cut and polish. It worked a treat for me after a dirty tank bag scratched my cleat coat last week. :)
  5. sweet cheers guys
  6. McGuires make a specialist product for just that purpose, called "Swirl remover".

    it does a better job that ordinary polish. the go is to put Swirl remover on first then use a conventional polish to give a longer lasting finish.
  7. No dont.

    Spot on on the swirl remover, but polish will destroy all the hard work you have just done.
    Use wax, whatever brand you want, but maguires seems to be the best.
    Ive used heaps of different brands and maguires wins hands down.
  8. ok i have shares in meguiars products.. :grin: Now there is s 2 step process in there polishing range. First there is what they call a deep crystal cleaner, this will remove fine swirl marks, water marks and give the paint a general restore. Then the 2 part system consists of deep crystal polish and then the deep crystal wax. They also have a deep crystal wet look which is another great finishing polish. I have used there products for 15 years now and swear by them. Just make sure that you use clean soft cloths, even use the foam applicator, they are the best for applying.

    http://www.meguiars.com.au/product_...aint Care&subsubcat=Polish and Protect&show=1
  9. meguiars it is
    got the day off tomorrow so ill give them a try
    is there a particular name in the meguiars product? :grin:
  10. when you say a particualr name, as in which particular meguiars product ??
  11. I have been using meguiars for years on my cars. I recently was put onto the "Tech Wax" After using the Cannuba wax for years, I will steer clear of the "Tech Wax" it goes on really easy, no swirls, but it does not last very long. Cannuba wax is my choice

    A brand I am yet to use, but I have had a few friends recommend is "Bowdens Choice" It all aussie and produced by David Bowden, a car nut who live up in QLD and has a swag or rare cars, including the Moffat Phase 1, 2 ,3 and 4 Falcons, an original GT40, Gull wing Merc, AC Cobra + brock Torana and dunnydores. My mate says it makes his GT look magic and is better than Meguiars.
  12. i recommend doing whatever Seany says. the man is an expert at all things cleaning related :LOL:
  13. Dude... check out this site, its about car detailing, but paints, paint. Probably the best automotive detailing site i've come across. Step by step instructions on all paint care issues you can come up with.