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removing super glue residue off screen?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davesta, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Heey, cleaning/polishing the gpx today, the screen has sustained some minor cracks around teh edges in the past and some idiot has used a sh*tload of superglue or something to fix it and made a bit of a mess.. its not major but i'm a bit fussy i guess.. I;ve tried some of that orange power stuff which didnt work (awesome stuff tho).. Any ideas guys?

  2. I've seen some stuff called superglue solvent in hobby stores before, not sure if it would effect the plastic or not but it could be worth a try if you are desperate :? (Or turps might work)
  3. WD40.

    Just be careful not to scrub too hard, or off comes the paint :)
  4. Most superglues are soluble in acetone (nail polish remover) though be careful to test it first to make sure it doesn't attack the plastic.
  5. ahh awesome i'll have to give it a shot.. i was thinking of acetone, i guess the thing is that something that is strong enough to remove superglue residue is probably strong enough to melt the plastic of the screen, but i;ll test first and see how i go... thanks!
  6. Hmm just checked a few references and it seems perspex and ABS resin are also both soluble in acetone (polycarbonate's not safe either) - unless your bike's made from something different you might have problems. It will dissolve the glue though :wink: .
  7. I guess you are refering to the clear plastic screen. What I have done with gunk & scratched type of marks. Like the sort ya get when D--- heads clean screens with abrasive cleaning cloths. Get ya self say 1200 grit wet & dry paper. A flexable sanding block ( never use ya fingers or hand ) Plenty of water & sand it till ya think the makes are removed. Then arm ya self with a good cutting compound soft cloth ( buff is better ) & polish it.
    I have done this to a few screens, it takes a little time but they come up as new.
    It is better if ya take the screen of. If not mask it up so ya dont touch parts ya dont want damaged. 1200 grit is very fine, ya might want to use courser paper to get the lumps off,(or scratches out )concentrait on the high points, work them down, then go back to 1200.
    While ive got ya. Always look after them & your Visor. I take my own little bottle of spray & clean soft cloth, moisten the crap & bugs. Then gently clean em off. While cleaning ya screen. Never do it in circular motion. Always use strokes from side to side. The same goes for the inside as well. This will stop the fine circular craze marks that are hard to see untill you are looking into the sun. Then that about all ya see. Got tha picture. Hope that helps
  8. anything that will disolve superglue will !EAT! your screen as well ........... id learn to live with the small mess as i think you will make a bigger one trying to remove it
  9. Yeah after reading those posts i might just give it a miss actually... I found that car polishing wax worked really well for cleaning the rest of the screen, i tested it on a small patch first and it worked a treat so did the outside and inside and its clear as, apart from that damn superglue haha.. It was meguiars carnuba wax... I have heard of the sandpaper trick before as well (for removing water marks off the car windows caused by acid rain)
  10. I listen to sharpy on this one, also like thr other guy said DO NOT use Acetone on the screen, the rag will stick to the plastic and you will make a mess! Find sandpaper and elbo grease is the way to go! (You could also add some soap to the water that you dip the sand paper in for a better result). Try a small section first to see if you want to use this approach 1st though.
  11. Ok meguiars also make a cleaner in there polish range which is a very light cutter. Also if you are to use a very fine metal polish, like a finishing one that could get it off and wont scratch the screen. Then use your canubra or wetlook to bring the shine back up..
  12. paint thinner is the king of removal of anything sticky, just dont use alot n apply it with a absorbent rag, ol' wifebeaters r good for those kinda things
  13. Definately think sanding/polishing's the only option. Only solvents (other than acetone) capable of dissolving superglue are going to attack the plastic and/or are extremely difficult to obtain (for most people). Buy the finest grade sandpaper you can and use that - might take a while but any scratches should be possible to polish out (of course you could also start with a coarser grade and work down).
  14. Told ya
  15. :LOL: Hey nitromethane would probably work (dissolves superglue, should be safe on bike plastics) but it's not exactly something readily available (unless you have some drag racing friends).