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Removing Rust

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robbie, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. My brake disc's are forming a little bit of rust.
    After this unexpected weather, i came home from work yesterday and checked my bike because of the rain and the fact that i currently only have a bike cover to protect it. suprised to find out waters snuck up underneath it and now i've got rust on my disc's
    some advice on what to use to remove it?
    prevent it?
    would be a great help.
    Im riding a '04 Gs500 if it matters

  2. Yeah, the brake pads ;). You're always going to get rust forming on brake rotors if they're not used for a while - it'll soon dissapear the first time you use the brakes though. Nothing you can do to prevent it other than ride more often, if you tried putting anything on the rotors to protect them it'd only affect braking (accidentally spraying CRC on brake rotors is not fun).
  3. Spot on, ride it more!!!!!! :LOL:
  4. hehe...while we're on this topic...
    my bike doesnt really cover the front wheel properly and when it rained....and my brand new XENA lock (XD 10SS)...was spitting out rust everywhere. I dont know why this would happen but i cleaned it off with a tissue.