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Removing rust from chrome pipes. :)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Seamus, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Hello forum,

    I get these little specks of rust that seem to be baked-on and only seem to come off if I use a soft-ish steel wool. The trouble with steel wool is even the soft stuff scratches the chrome a bit. I tried a tooth brush and it took so long I gave up.

    Any tips appreciated. :) My dream is to find something you spray on, leave for a few minutes, and then wash off. Something that disolves the rust. :)

    Thank you. :)
  2. Solvol Autosol..........old but unsurpassed
  3. Autosol is also good for removing that grey oxidisation from engine casings. I haven't managed to get it to remove grey from my hair, regrettably.....

  4. You have hair?
  5. The Autosol will leave a fine grey paste on the engine casing. Save this - you can smear it on a bald pate and, once you've run the comb through it, it sets nice and hard. The result is a delightfully distinguished head of grey hair.

    Best of all, the aluminium will protect you from head injuries (throw away that helmet!) or alien transmissions (much more elegant than Marty's tinfoil hat), you can replace a broken fuse with a strand of "hair" and you'll polish your scalp when you wipe it off.

    Of course, some people are suggesting that aluminium can cause...damn - I can't remember...never mind...where's my cocoa?
  6. I use Autosol on my pipes. Works a treat. :)
  7. Why not just use selleys rust dissolver or the like?
  8. Autosol gets my vote too.
  9. Selleys Rust Disolver? Hmm...I'll try both. :)

    Is the Autosol one of these: http://www.autosol.com.au/metalpolishes.htm ? How would you apply it to your pipes and to your engine? A rag and a soft brush? Then just rinse it off?

    Thank you. :)

    (Sorry for my ignorance)
  10. Same way you would cut and polish....

    Wax on Wax off grasshopper

    Use two loose weave cloths, one for application one for wipe off
  11. coca cola and aluminium foil, according to Mythbusters... :LOL:
  12. That works bloody well! It DOES dull the finish, so wipe it back with a detergent (the dishwashing soap is good), then dry it off, and finish with a decent chrome polish.

    Looks like new!
  13. dont want to be a noob saying autosol isnt the best but im going to have to. there is a newish metal polish out called purple polish (ive changed from autosol to purple), i use it on all chrome and alluminium and it brings it up a treat. expensive but its bloddy good. if you cant find any call 0414 644 352, hes my supplier. give it a crack, its worth it.
  14. i saw the words 'supplier', 'crack' and a mobile number and thought this thread is going to get deleted for sure :LOL:
  15. Heheheheehe, exactly what I thought...hope the AFP's not monitoring this site!!!

    A hoot!
  16. Yeah my buddy cleans busses and he uses that purple stuff too.... Works magnificent, we polished my exhausts a couple weeks ago about 5 times over with it in one night and i swear it caused some sort of space time tear with how shiny it got...

    I'll swear by that purple stuff now!!!
  17. Is the purple stuff commercially available?? e.g. repco? Super cheap? Auto bahn? Total tools? etc


  18. I wouldn't have a clue, he flog... um i mean borrows it from his work for me...

    I reckon it should be available somewhere... Somebodys gonna wanna make money off it.... It works like hell!!
  19. call 0414 644 352 its avaliable. if you dont want to get it from him he can tell you where to get it from
  20. Thanks dags. I'll pass the info on to my bro in law... it's his cruiser that has rust dotted chrome...