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Solved Removing or re-using bar end adapters

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chillibutton, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. I'm swapping handlebars on @psykcs Ducati, from the OEM bar to a Rizoma one. The current bars have Rizoma bar end mirrors fitted, and there is some sort of bar end adapter inside the handlebar which I can't get out. Pics below.

    Presume it's an expansion type that expands as the mirror bolt is pushed in and tightened. So right now it's tight and firmly in place, and although I can sort of see that the furthest in piece needs to be dragged back towards the end of the bar to loosen and allow me to get it out, I can't find any tool to get in there and do it.

    It's very narrow, anyone have any previous experience doing this, or any tips to try?

    I've tried a long nail (head too big), bent wire (nope), thin screwdriver. All to no avail.
    This flash shot shows the internal bit at the far back that I think needs to be dragged forward (outwards) to be loosened.

  2. Haven't you been warned about working on the Duchess? ;)

    Seriously, looks like it is threaded, maybe you can try a long bolt that you can screw in and then pull it out with. I know the bar ends on the VStrom has a system like that as I loosened the bolt for the bar end too much when putting the heated grips on and the internal stopper ended up half way down the handlebar... that was fun trying to get it back up to the end...
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  3. No hammer I promise! But no, it's not threaded as far in as I can see. I feel I have to get something in behind then yank backwards, just nothing to use to do so....
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  4. give it a few taps with a hammer
    if that doesnt work
    smash the living fcuk out of it
    on second thoughts
    you could use a screw driver
    achieve the same end
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  5. Idiot... :wtf:
  6. Thread the bolt back in a little and then tap it with a hammer, the bit you can see in the flash needs to be pushed in to un expand the inner tube if that makes sense?
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  7. Hammer!? Eeekkkkk.....

    Runs away......
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  8. Seriously though, have you done that before? Could make sense, but I'm batting zero on hammers and the Ducati.
  9. Seriously the bit you can see in the 2nd pic is threaded, when you install the mirrors and tighten the bolt it pulls that bit up a tube making it expand, you just need to push it in a bit so the tube can retract and slip out
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  10. Ok, will see how we go...
  11. Use the original bolt so that you don't lose the threaded part into the bars
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  12. That's it, put the (or another) bolt back in but don't screw it right in, then tap the end of the bolt firmly to unwedge the insert, hopefully you can then pull it out using the bolt.
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  13. Will do this, but tomorrow as too dark out now and garage light busted.
  14. After you have tapped it with the hammer just pull gently, should come out
  15. Garage lights are easy to fix, screwdriver and a hammer is all you need ;-)
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  16. chillibuttonchillibutton do you know how a dynabolt works? if so, it is like that, or a wall plug, once it comes out and you see it, it will make sense.
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  17. I'm all set for the premier of
    Chillibutton II The hammer strikes Back
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  18. Surely this can't last 39 pages lol
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  19. I'll take a bit of that action :)
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  20. Can't reach it, it's too bloody high. Unless I throw the hammer! Seriously, even my long ladder extended I can't get up there. Day work only.