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Removing old tank protector

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Chlowen, May 15, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I have just pulled off my old carbon fibre tank protector and am going to put a nice new one on. There was a lot of glue and bits of carbon on the tank. I have used mineral turps to get rid of the glue, but I can not get the bits of carbon fibre off, any tips would be great.

    Not really a mod, but along the lines. :grin:


  2. You could try heating it up with a hair dryer. Take your time & peel it off slowly.
  3. +1

    This works... but yes, you do have to be patient.. wipe it down with some acetone and should be as good as new :)
  4. you could try "de-solve it" see if that works or shellite

    Works better than turps.
  5. eucalyptus oil is also good for some adhesives. less aggressive too.

  6. prepsol or wax and grease remove bought from any auto shop will clean up any mess that you make on the paintwork.

    as for scraping plastic off your metal work, using a soft plastic card or edge should help as it wont scratch the paint work. however watch that it dosent leave an impression on the paintwork.
  7. Best way to remove anything like this is to get under it and saw it off with waxed dental floss. This is how people debadge cars. Most of the glues that are used on these things will break down and can be cleaned off with eucalyptus oil as already suggested, or any cooking oil will suffice.
  8. you can also try using duct tape. Put the tape on the carbon fibre and then peel it off slowly.