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removing old decals / stickers from motorbike plastics

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Nel, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. im not touching / using a razor blade...

    wots a safe option to remove the stickers and keep the plastics in top nick...?

    atm...they're stuck like shoit to a blanket..

    thanks all

  2. P.S. i have just done a gutload of night shifts and most of my moving parts (especially my scone) are not functionly good..
  3. heat them up with a hairdrier and removes them with a teflon spatula???
  4. my teflon spatula couldnt fight its way out of a wet paper bag, its that abused.

    i will use a credit card and see how that goes..?

    good idea..??
  5. just be careful, as sometimes the factory will put clear-coat on top of the stickers.
  6. +1
    Hairdryer is the best, if its a paperback sticker they generally tear and leave white paper so use turpintine and rub rub rub.
  7. Depending on the sticker that Orange Power stuff (the stuff made of orange juice for cleaning, at the supermarket) is excellent.
  8. yeah..all of em have the clear on em..
    that comes off with some care. but the rest, like i said, is sticking to the plastic guards like shit to a blanket..!!
    and the plastic guards are in mint-cond. i dont wanna fork em up..
    (i wanna save the forken up of the plastic guards, for when i scrub it out in the bush!)
    and dont worry...i WILL scrub it out eventually! :grin:
  9. i have to change my profile...

    im back in the bush!! doing it in the dirt :cool:

    ...anyone wanna buy a Honda Cruiser..? :deal:
  10. Use Citronella Cleaner. Nothing else.
  11. and where might one purchase such substance?

    or shall one arch up the mozzie candle...
  12. What he means is they paint the bike, then put stickers on, then paint over the stickers with clear-coat (paint). It shouldn't just come off.

    I think what you're saying (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that the top part of the sticker came off but the bottom half and adhesive is stuck fast?

    Generally heating the stickers with a hair dryer is enough to get them off. If any paper or adhesive is left on the paint, don't try to scrape it off. The best product I know to remove advesive is Zoff but it's not easy to get. Mr Sheen is the next best. Spray on Mr Sheen, wait 5-10min then wipe it off with a soft rag. You could also try the 'sticky goo remover' type products from the supermarket. Follow up by rubbing it with an alcohol swab to clean any remaining residue so dust doesn't stick to it. :)
  13. Actually, Nel, (the usual astute Ktulu observation aside :LOL:), I think the credit card is the best idea...

    pay someone else to do it :LOL:.
  14. Nel,
    I just took off a sticker from my fuel tank (telling me in 4 languages to read the operating handbook :roll: ). My procedure was:

    1. Remove the plastic over the sticker.
    2. Using hot soapy water and a face cloth, soak the sticker.
    3. Scraped sticker off with my thumb nail (little bit at a time). This is a very time consuming procedure but leaves the area scratch free. Continue soaking the sticker. It took about two hours and wore down both thumb nails (not including breaks to rest the thumbs 8-[ ).
    4. Used WD40 and fine cloth rubbed the glue off. Change the position of the cloth often and use lots of WD40
    5. Then polish using a light polish and very fine cloth.

    You can’t see any trace of the sticker even knowing where the sticker was. It’s a new bike and I am very pleased with the results. Just be patient and you will be pleased with the result. :dance:
    Hope this helps.
  15. that has been my method so far :beer:
    time consuming alright.. all the original warning/info stickers are still intact on the new toy.. i will have to spend some quality time with her each night. i have a mate who is a sign writer..i will ask about said cleaning products.

    thanks heaps all

    Nel :grin:
  16. Someone mentioned warm vegetable oil in the past - does that work? I have a sticker (reminding me not to steel wool the screen) on the Bandit that I'd like to get rid of.
  17. onya Hornet
    the hair dryer worked a treat. too easy.
    thanks for all the input peeps