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Removing Ninja 250r fairing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by wee fella, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Im a newbie here, been lurking and soaking up info but now I have a bit of a conundrum, hopefully someone here can help. I bought a ninja 250r last week, and I have some no-cut frame sliders Im trying to put on. I had a crack last night after work but it started getting dark and I realised it was going to be a much bigger job than expected so I put everything back on.
    I have the service manual and was following it as much as I could understand. I removed all the bolts on the front fairings, but they seem to connect under the dash so I guess Ill have to unscrew that too. But there are bolts at the bottom joing the left and right fairings, the manual refers to them as rivets, but gives no mention of how to remove them. I dont have paddock stands or any way to lift it. Do I have to remove these, and if so, how? Or if I just remove all the other bolts and fixtures will I be able to just open it up enough to slip it down over the motor and rest the fairings on the ground?
    And the frame sliders I ordered didnt come with instructions, so I hope that process is obvious or it will be my next question!
    Thanks heaps guys,

    Wee Fella

  2. To remove the rivets that connect the L and R fairings you have to full the centre 'circular' part out then remove the rivet. To remove the rivets connect the fairings to the gauge plastic shroud you need to push in the centre circular part.

    As for frame sliders, depending on which ones you bought, installation is quite simple. For ones that connect straight to the engine, all you do is jack up the engine, remove engine bolt, insert frame slider bolt, connect the sliders. If you still need help, google.com is your friend, you can find anything on there.
  3. Cool, thanks for the help Miks!

    Pulled it all apart yesterday and got the frame sliders on, was suprisingly easy. The fairings were alot easier to get off than get back on!