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Removing mirrors to make lane splitting easier..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Kraven, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. What are peoples thoughts on removing the mirrors on you bike to make lane splitting easier??

    I'm thinking of doing this when i go back to uni because my daily commute consists of blackburn rd/Monash carpark/warragul rd/princess hwy and i was thinking when i ride this route my mirrors are tucked in pretty much the whole way anyway and it would make lane splitting so much easier if i had them off completly.

    I always do a head check before i change lanes so i can't see how it could endanger me and the only problem i can forsee is getting pulled over for it...

  2. Would that not be illegal? And make your bike UN-roadworthy
  3. You need a right hand mirror by law.

    Pretty sure you only need a RH one.. I have had bikes without a left hand mirrir anyway
  4. Mirrors come in handy mate. I'd be inclined to keep them. They're useful for monitoring what's cappening behind so you don't get surprised by speeding cars or other bikes splitting faster than you.

    They can also be used to check that your hair still looks sexy after taking your helmet off. :LOL:
  5. I know it's not legal but the chances of a cop stopping me in the middle of peak hour is pretty low especially if i'm splitting up the middle and it would make the ride so much easier.

    Does anyone know of any aftermarket mirrors which could be folded flat up against the screen when splitting?
  6. Unless your head check goes past your blind spot and includes traffic quite a way back behind you, the head check is not a replacement for mirrors. When I head check, I check my blind spot only, I check the mirrors first to see if any cars are approaching quickly.

    Secondly, you should be using your mirrors to know what's behind at all times and not just for changing lanes, situational awareness is very important and the mirrors are a big part of it.

    My take on it is to leave them on, I wouldn't want to see you get hit because some idiot in a cage is passing you at 40 over the limit and you didn't see him because of a lack of mirrors.


  7. I don't need no mirror to tell me that :---)
  8. Kraven, I wouldnt be removing mirrors simply bc they only
    extend a few inches past the outside of ya fairings, so if ur
    only playing with a few inches its not worth risking

    2ndly I'd rather have my mirrors get hit to make U realise the
    gaps are getting too narrow rather than having ya fairing or legs
    get hit before you realise it as well
  9. I don't know of any aftermarket ones, but i know some bikes do have mirrors that fold in.
    Maybe if you con't find any aftermarket ones you could source some from another model bike and try fitting/modifying them to go on your CBR?
  10. Yes Kravan..

    What youre after are 'pig spotters'

    Havent seen any being sold in Australia, but you can certainly purchase
    em online from overseas

    Here is what they look like :wink:

  11. What would be great is a spring loaded mirror, so you could pull them in all the way, and once you pushed them back out they'd pop back to where they were adjusted to. Wouldn't be hard to make for a crafty engineer....

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  13. hehe they are tiny, they look like horse ears :LOL:
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into the pig spotters and see if any of the bigger CBRs (Or any other bikes) have the same mountings for their mirrors.
  15. U can fit em to your bike no worries
  16. I don't envy your commute. What a prick of a run.

    But, I'd leave the mirrors on. Fold 'em in for the split if it helps, then fold 'em back out when you're in the open again. I just use them too much, and I reckon I'd miss them too much. It'd almost be like riding blind.
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  18. Cant see why it wouldnt fit on a 250 Ratty

    250 aint that small that they wouldnt fit