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Removing Liquid Silicon

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by glipschitz, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Well, silly me wanted to make the tyres all shiny, and forgot about the make up and how Silicon reacts to heat.

    Well, the tyres are nice and shiny, but as they get hot, the silicon is beading and getting slippery on the tyres.

    How the hell can I strip it off easily... have tried warm soapy water... any ideas??

  2. Basically your screwed.

    Maybe trying sandpaper?? But i doubt even that would get it all off!

    Good luck and be really careful.

  3. Geez have fun when it rains lol. Try using Eucalyptus, usually works
  4. Just tried citrus cleaner.... that seems to have got a lot of it off...

    Ill try the Eucalyptus oil....

    Maybe white lilly and hot water??

  5. windex?? it gets dogy poos off carpet...

    But seriously give it a go something at the back of my mind is yelling windex and silicon...

    Also don't use armaoil on tyres... it gets b/w tyre and wheel... interesting way of letting your tyres down...
  6. go to the track and hangmore :)
  7. Well a scourer and white lilly and a shit load of scrubbing seems to have got most of it off.

    I don't think that bike will ever be that clean in a week again....

    The neigbours must be thinking, what in gods name is he washing his bike at 10pm for! :p

    We'll see how it looks in the morning now that they are scrubbed and hosed off.

  8. Get a caustic based cleaner like "Spray and Wipe"o

    Then wash off and keep repeating, the proccess until the water does'nt "bead" anymore.
    You will also "feel" the grip on the rubber by rubbing your hand over the tyres.

    Never use a oil based solvent near rubber...

    Silicon is a disaster on anything automotive,especially painted surfaces as wellas tyres.Just ask any panel beater/spray painter as to what they think of silicon based polishes....
  9. Umm, well I won't be using any of that shit again in a hurry.

    Will have another washing session tomorrow...

  10. Then light a match that should do the trick :LOL: :p :LOL:
  11. If Kero reacts anything like metho with rubber then it is a bad idea. Metho severely degrades rubber substances. It makes then degrade, crack, dried out, fall apart you name it. So i'd advise you against Kero aswell just to be sure.
  12. As I said, Eucalyptus gets rid of it!!!! Why do I bother?
  13. Foxy,

    I had to start with something that I had around the house!

    I dont have any Eucalyptus at home :(

    Will grab some tomorrow and try that.

    Then I will have all the Koalas following me...

  14. Kero is fairly kind to rubber, that is why it is used to clean your chain instead of petrol, it is also good for cleaning chain lube off of your wheels and tyres.
  15. I dont think that I can do any more damage!

    Will be running a lab of some weird shit tomorrow on that bike!

    If one of them doesnt get it off then nothing will!

  16. 1. dont frig around with tyres
    2. dont use any types of oils on the rubber , oil and rubber = gravel rash
    3. hot dishwashing detergent and scrubbing brush , then wash off through , dry off with a towel , the on the upper surface if there is any reminants , sand paper it , if its on the upper surface .
    scratching it up with course sandpaper is only doing what the roads doing .
    4. dont frig with tyres .
  17. i think you are the one needing to do you homework. I said nothing about the rest of the motorbike. I was ONLY referring to the tyres. Here read this if you don't believe me :evil:


    This was taken from this website:


    So as groberts said: Don't frig with tyres. Why mess around with the only think connecting you and the hard stuff.
  18. Grease and Tar remover will get it off.
    Some crap as the panel beaters use and refer to as "prepsol" they use this to remove the silicone from the car body before they spray it.

    Also really good for taking off the "mould release agent" that accompanies new tyres.