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Removing ignition unit - how to get single use screws out?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by QuarterWit, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Well, I assume that's what they are. Looking at the uneven heads and the metal there it seems as though.

    The greeny round things at the bottom of the block...



    Tried using a dremel to cut an indent into them and using a flathead screwdriver to get it out. Doesn't seem to be working. Should I just fork out and get some easyouts? Or is there another trick to this? Only other thing I can think of is punching and drilling a hole into it from an angle, sticking an alan key in and turning out. But they feel veeeeery f'n stiff. Or just impact drive the bastards out?
  2. impact those bastards... (as long as you dont break anything else) if you can dremel the sides off you may get a spanner on there or vice grips.
  3. All of the above, plus some heat! :grin:
  4. Drill a hole off centre to give you some purchase and tap 'em round with a punch.

  5. I concur with everbody else: show 'em no mercy, son! :evil:
  6. I'm going to go the impact drive route first - purely because I really like hammering the living hell out of stuff.

    For the other screw I'll probably go down PatB's route.

    Now I need to find a decent vice. (Aside from smoking - HA MECHANIC JOKE. Oh... I need to get back to work. Anyway.)
  7. So much hard work when a trip to bunnings in the screw driver section and 8 bucks buys you a set of

    SECURITY BITS about 25 of the most common all set up in 1/4 hex

    Sheesh Dremel , Oxy, Drifts , Big hammers you boys are going about it all wrong
  8. Explain these security bits you speak of! I know the heads with all the wierd bolt heads etc, but dunno how it'd help here? Could/probably be wrong!
  9. QW it's hard to see from the picture whether the heads are indeed one-way screws or some other security head. The only one-way heads I've seen use a screwdriver (flat head) to go in, but the slot is shaped so that the blade of the screwdriver is pushed out when turned anti-clockwise.

    Have you got a better picture of the head or a description?
  10. I was assuming they're the type that are designed to snap off when tightened to the specified torque at the factory, leaving you with a smooth, conical surface with bugger all to get a grip on. Sorta like a reversed 10 year old Phillips head :grin: .
  11. Exactly what Pat said, shear bolts. Factory tightens them up then snaps off. Only thing left looks to be a smooth dome. Dumbest thing ever!
  12. Well you learn something new everyday! The amount of time designers and engineers spend making sure we can't fix stuff never ceases to amaze...