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Removing helmet befor going inside.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by boondock, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. I was at a petrol station the other day and noticed a few other riders had just filled up and had gone in without removing their helmets.

    What is common practice, really cos i normally park my bike, take my helmet off n fill it up then go in helmet in hand. this i thought gives the clerk the curtosy of seeing my face and releive them of the thought, i'm not gonna mug them. cos i think with a balaclava under my helmet the clerk would be hovering his finger over the panic button under the desk.

  2. I think most places have a sign about removing helmets, and yeah, I think it's smart to do so, as well as courteous. Saw some tool come in to a servo late at night with a hoodie right up around his face and be politely asked to remove it before he was served. I just find it's nice to have the wind in the hair and a break from the helmet while filling up anyway.
  3. Put yourself in their shoes.
    I'd say it's common courtesy to remove your helmet before you go into a service station... before you go into anywhere for that matter! It's a little bit different with the flip face helmets, but definitely full face helmets should come off.
  4. :popcorn:

    Well this should be good for a laugh...
  5. Always take helmets off. While Mr Charmed is filling up the bikes, I'm cleaning the visors. There is always someone who wants a quick chat, be it "nice day for a ride" etc.
  6. daytime no i don't bother, nighttime yes i do.
  7. I've only ever kept it on once (was on a long trp and couldn't b bothered taking of gloves, helmut, balaclava), and the guy was cool about it. Other times I've been at servos with mates and they've been told to take it off (just ask Vic about his little 'incident').
    As inconvienient as it is I think the morons crap themselves, not that a real robber is going to be concerned about that, or bother stopping to argue about taking his lid off.

    *providing popcorn eating moment* :popcorn:
  8. Always. Stop, get off bike, take off helmet, then start filling. It doesn't take long to put it back on when I am done.
  9. I usually have cash out before i even enter the servo so I dont really see myself as a threat even with the helmet on...
    I have been threatened (jokingly) with a cricket bat though.
  10. I'm with ricecooker. Helmet comes off first.

    It also gives me the chance to re-tie my hair back. For those who haven't seen me (I have photos on the net), my hair is long, and getting longer.
  11. Same, I get that a lot, lots of older cagers ask me about my bike when im refueling, im always courteous at servos, and always remove helmet when I pull into one, i think it intimidates the non helmet wearing motorists and those panic stricken console operators even though I wear an open face.
  12. I was wondering about helmet on/off the other night as I was filling up. Now it seems less of a hassle after the clerk was checking out my bike. I think they are more likely to be friendly if they can see your face.

    "That's a nice bike!"
    "Thanks she's pretty sexy hey?"
  13. I don't want to scare people.
  14. this is an old topic that has been covered many many times but my answer is yep take the lid off its common courtesy.
  15. I have a flip-up so I flip my lid up, but I don't take the whole helmet off. So far station attendants seem satisfied with that - as yet nobody asked me to remove the helmet. If they ever do, I will with no drama; it's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned and I can understand where they are coming from.
  16. What's the logic on that one?
  17. I always take it off, if i'm in so much of a rush that i can't take my helmet off (not that it takes long anyway) i go to the mobil pay at the pump place instead of my normal place.
  18. I can't totally answer for slyfox, but I'm guessing the logic is that operators are likely to be twitchier at night.
  19. yep, that's the idea.
  20. :WStupid:

    Having said that, the number of times I go to Mobil and their 'Pay at the Pump' isn't working/out of paper, etc......

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