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Removing Grips - The Easy Way

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by flashthebiker, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Just replaced the standard grips on my VFR800 with some nice soft ones and was having trouble getting the old ones off.

    Got a can of compressed air - like used to clean dust out of computers etc, jammed the little plastic hose up the inside of the grip, pressed.

    Off came the grip easy as anything. Just a little twisting motion while gently pulling. If they are glued on this might not work, however.

    I've been asking lots here so I thought I might contribute... hope someone finds it useful! :)

  2. I used a knife.
  3. yep compressed air is the way

    jam a screwdriver in and around the grip and then compressed air will have it straight off
  4. Yep, and didn't have to wreck the grips
  5. Mine were glued. I used some coat hanger wire to get in there & twisted it around. Came off in one piece. Didn't poke the wire though it either. :LOL:
  6. I don't get saving the old grips. They are like $15-30 and you are obviously taking them off because you either hate them, they are rooted or they are ugly, so why try and save them?!?!?!

    Ever tried to sell old grips?
    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Not so much saving them as not wrecking them. Do it once, do it properly. Saves time and getting pissed off. :grin:
  8. Why, wanna buy some? :cool:
  9. To hell with the pack rat mentality - my grips were crap so I cut them off and binned them.
  10. hehe i had some of those foam ones on my old bike so all it took was a few rips at them..
  11. Saves time? Slit grip, peel back, throw in bin. 30 seconds a side..............

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. I would like to thank a Nick who works in Honda motorcycle shop in Narre Warren on suggestion to use COMPRESSOR to remove grips. Mine were "glued" too.

    Grips were removed LITERALLY IN 5 SECONDS without damaging anything.

    Thank also goes to the person who posted this topic as I was going to do the same :)

  13. Heard of using a hairdryer. Oldest trick in the book. :wink:
  14. What's a hairdryer?
  15. changed my grips for the first time the other day, i was suprised how inexpensive some quality grips are

    much nicer than the existing ones, although it seemed it was the weather that killed them faster than wear