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Removing Grease from Tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by noobie_rider, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I was trying to clean the bike the other day (CBR250 R) but can't seem to remove the grease from my back tyre. Does anyone know of any detergents that can remove grease?

  2. Got a couple of things for you to try, firstly, I use a spray on wheel cleaner, the brand being 5 Star, it works effectively for me, ya spray it on, leave it for a minute or so and hose it off, couple of friends use it too. Its relatively cheap, shouldn't be more tan about $4 a can from the reject shop or some other el cheapo store.

    Second thing, at the car washing bays you can go to like Dazzlers and Happy Wash (Unsure of the interstate one's) there is a setting on them, engine degreaser, that also works a treat.

    Anyone else got other idea's? :)
  3. Car wash bays are a rip off. $1 for like 2 mins.. and it tool 15 - 20 seconds for the degreaser to come out from the spray gun..

    Assuming you are talking about the rims and not the tyres (grease on tyres? You better not ride it..). I'll just use some WD40 with nozzle on the rims and wipe it off. Works for me..

    Have to try the 5* degreaser mentioned by Siro tho.. :LOL:
  4. Kerosine/Turpentine will remove the gunk no worries.
  5. do you mean grease on the contact patch or grease on the sidewall from drive chain flingoff.
  6. *still waiting for Loz's reply to this... :-w
  7. Use a petrol soaked rag, sponge or cloth. Works a treat!!
  8. Any de-greaser will do as well.
  9. Noobs -

    Push your front wheel up against a wall, or just hold your front brake on. Transfer your weight forwards. Rev to 16,000 or so and dump the clutch. Wait until rear tyre is smoking evenly. Check for remaining grease. Repeat if needed.

    It's an expensive method, as it also removes the top layer of rubber...along with any neighbours and pets in the area.

    But these are the sacrifices we make to do the job right...

  10. Hey Guys,

    I decided to use a bit of kero and it worked like a treat. Wheels look brand new.

    Thanks guys ... appreciate all the advice